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Can I make a suggestion?

on 01/17/2013

I'd like to make a suggestion to Wizzley management for our profile pages.

Whe someone comes to our profile, it's really difficult for them to sort through the topics, especially if we have written quite a high number of articles and they are in date of publication order rather than topic order.

What would happen if on the first page, we had a type of index system, e.g. Travel, Beauty, Education, Whatever. Everybody would chose what topics they write mostly about. Or the system would automatically put them into the index system. Then when the reader clicked a particular topic area, it would take the reader to a list of articles that the writer had written about those topics. 

I think it would bring more traffic to each writer...

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on 01/17/2013

Hi Tess. There is a system like this in place. At the top of the tiles, there's a pull-down menu. You choose a category, and it shows the article you have in that category. But maybe you're talking about something else?

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