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Cool Effect I Discovered (Text Capsule Glitter)

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on 04/04/2012

I'm a highly experimental and creative person, so expect a bunch of tips like this one...

I don't know if anyone's tried using a special charactor that creates a neat little fat "I" (block) but it can really wake up your titles. I wouldn't use it for everything but things that aren't really google necessary like the "table of contents" like I did are aesthetically cool.

I didn't use the toc "contents" modules title block in (not yet published) this Wizzle because of how many words I needed to use in to "introduce" the toc box (I'm using it as a hoplink box as well so...) it was better to create a text capsule and use it exclusively as a creative title to the toc contents themselves.

So removing the toc title/subtitle completely, I put a text capsule above it (see image below of my screenshot), added the bi-line (subtitle) into the actual content, centered it, put quotations around it, added a page break before and after and tweaked the title field itself (the actual tip here) to give it picture quality coolness using only text.

What this does is two fold.

1. The contents of any title field on a text capsule become the color of all titles, thus matches the background and contrasts nicely in the article as a peice of the foundation (like a supporting beam in a home construction :)

2. It gives you a unique look to your title capsule that can create a new beam of a sort look and feel, an upgrade if you will.

Here is the exact contents of my text module title field (try it yourself to see it work, then use this as a template and adjust the "bars" (which become seamless on the published/previewed page view) to fit your  needs (i.e. so they don't overlap in a tab down fashion)...(the hard lines are just boarders/containers and are not part of the illusion: (I also have it centered here so just grab it from the first black bar to the last below):


████████ Contents - Choose Your Own Adventure ███████


That's it!

Play with it to create effects i.e. using special characters like hearts and what not (I like to keep it simple and clean- this isn't myspace lol)

Good Luck!

Image screenshot of the effect in motion:



Publish/preview page view:


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