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Getting images - quick tip!

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on 02/20/2012

One day I will write an article about the whole topic, but here a quick tip:

Just ask the photographer!

For example, I have a website about a certain animal and came across a scientist that is not only a world authority on the subject, but also an outstanding photographer. All his images are copyrighted and stated 'no use without permission'. So I asked for it, and guess what? He granted it for free! Not only that, he is also now my 'go to / may I pick your brain' guy when it comes to this subject ...

Never be afraid to ask, the worst you can hear is 'No!', the best is that you just made a great connection in your niche. And yes, the site in question runs ads / is commercial ...


PS I know that this might be old news for experienced writers, but I thought it might be useful for less experienced ones ...

Posts: 3100
on 02/20/2012

Great tip, Sam. Thanks!

Achim "Chef Keem" Thiemermann is the co-founder of a pretty cool new platform, yeah -
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on 02/20/2012

awesome Surprised

Katie McMurray
Posts: 251
on 02/21/2012

You are so right Sam - I contacted the official website for a West End Musical I had just been to see and wanted to write a review.

I asked if I could use a few official pics and they said yes! 

Posts: 769
on 02/21/2012

Same thing for artists, many artists and photographers will allow you to use their work with permission, as long as you link back to them. 

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