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Gravatar Alternative?

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on 12/02/2011

Hi Everyone,

I just created a profile at which I think is *much* better than Gravatar for the following reasons:

- Visually compelling, clean, simple interface that could be personalized.
- You can list all the sites where you write, sell etc. (Even the individual articles with links to them.)
- All the social media platforms could be listed and their contents are nicely coalesced.
- You can write a bio and keyword optimize it for search engines. For this reason, if done well, it could be a powerful tool for personal branding.
- (I submitted my profile to the search engines and was indexed by google within hours.)
- It becomes a short, simple and memorable sig for all email and social media communications with a gateway to everything you want to showcase. (I am using it here as my forum sig.)
- You can search and favorite other people (and they can do the same).
- It's free!

As a disclaimer, I have no ties with the people who are behind it (don't know who they are) and have nothing to gain from promoting them. My enthusiasm is purely from the fact that it's something I was looking for months and now I found it. smile

My profile is at if you want to see an example. (I hope it's ok to include a link like this here on Wizzley it but I have listed it separately so that it could be removed for moderation.)


P.S. Has Wizzley HQ any experience with About.Me? I came to them through Mailchimp, my email client who I think has some of the coolest partnerships for such things.

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on 12/02/2011

Looks like an interesting site for personal brand building. I'll have a closer peek. Thanks, B.

Achim "Chef Keem" Thiemermann is the co-founder of a pretty cool new platform, yeah -
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