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Halloween is Just Around the Corner

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on 08/10/2013

Halloween falls on October 31st.  It's quite big in America!

By that date, many US homes will be decorated and its people ready with their costumes.  This means that late September and all of October will be a frenzy of Halloween buying.

For that reason, I've gone back through my Halloween articles of last year and checked them over.  I discovered that some of the items were no longer available.  Often they were, but under a different code.  I updated the Amazon modules.  I've also worked on the thumbnail pictures to a) make them stand out and b) make them Pinterest worthy.  Then I added more articles.

Sept-Oct can be quite a lucrative time for us.  Are you ready?


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on 08/10/2013

Halloween is what I'm focusing on right now for my articles.  As you said, it is such a busy time in the US and I think people start looking for Halloween related items as soon as school starts.  Good luck updating your articles from last year.  I'm off to write another Halloween themed article!

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on 08/11/2013

Jo - Thanks very much for this reminder!  :)

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