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Helping Each Other Through Zazzle Referrals

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on 12/13/2011

We started this with Professional Squids which is now moved to Squidlog, but Wizzley is a better platform for this.  For those of us with Zazzle stores, if you list them here, then the rest of us can refer to them if they are appropriate for our Wizzley articles, and earn money through referrals for ourselves, and also for the shop owner.  I have done this with some of Pam (dustytoes) items, and this is a good way for us to set up a win win situation that benefits both parties.  So if you have a Zazzle store please list it here for us to refer to. 

Please list no more than three per person.



Paula Atwell (aka lakeerieartists) is the owner of an online art gallery, Lake Erie Artists Gallery and a freelance writer
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on 12/13/2011

I don't have a zazzle store, but it does sound like a good idea.  I will be happy to visit stores featured here first when looking for zazzle products.  Best of luck to all who participate!

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on 12/13/2011

This is a great idea, Paula. I was just looking for a list of stores to promote recently while making a wizzle. This will make the process of promoting each other's stores so much easier.

Here are two of mine:



I'm working hard right now on stores three and four, but they are not ready yet. Maybe I'll post one more after I whip it into shape. 

Thanks for suggesting this.

Read one of my books Sheila's Books
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on 12/14/2011

Good idea - feel free to use anything of mine:

General - art and New England photos @ Narrow Road Designs

Seashells, tropical and beach themes - @ Seashells by Millhill

I have a few other stores with wedding stationery too.

Thanks Paula!

Posts: 769
on 12/22/2011

Just a reminder about this thread, and don't forget that you earn referral bonuses when you refer through your referral link which are in addition to your commission. 

Paula Atwell (aka lakeerieartists) is the owner of an online art gallery, Lake Erie Artists Gallery and a freelance writer
Posts: 144
on 12/30/2011

Great idea! I much prefer to promote my friends' Zazzle products when I am promoting, so I'm glad to have a listing.

This'n'That - humor, miscellaneous funny stuff

Three Rs -  stuff for readers, writers, and artists

LOL Teez - this page lists all my other stores Laughing (homeschool, real food, mom/baby, holidays, etc) 

Carma aka tandemonimom
on 01/01/2012

Hey ,it's good to see other creative zazzlers here!

here are my two shops;



Do what makes you happy- I write and create Hubpages
Posts: 169
on 01/05/2012

Wonderful idea!

Posts: 16
on 01/16/2012

French Flair: period costume and soon to be add vintage french ads

Mont Blanc: mountains, ski, 

Fanfreluche : vintage designs

Thank you :)

Posts: 251
on 01/19/2012

Nice idea Paula - I will post my link when I have put more products in the store. But in the meantime, I wonder if a Wizzley page about WizzZazzlers may be useful Wink

Posts: 439
on 01/19/2012

Thanks so much for this idea.I'm always putting up new stuff. Having great fun. Now it would be nice to get some exposure.

My store is



You can see how green I am (green = newbie). I can't figure out how to get the link - anchor text or whatever it's called - to work here.



Posts: 688
on 01/19/2012

I have a bit of everything in my store


Posts: 59
on 02/08/2012

Thanks for proposing this! I've always been shy about putting my stores forward for promotion and this is something I'm trying to change as I always appreciate referrals.

I also frequently use other people's Zazzle products so will be glad to put people here at the top of that list.

Star Bright Nights: My 'variety' store, includes cute and colourful graphics plus a range of Alps/Switzerland and Scotland themed gifts.

Gifts for Guys: Designed with men in mind, featuring a range of customizable sports and activity logos.

Tread Softly: Primarily wildlife and travel photography.

Posts: 769
on 02/11/2012

Shyness has no place in selling.  Cool

Paula Atwell (aka lakeerieartists) is the owner of an online art gallery, Lake Erie Artists Gallery and a freelance writer
Posts: 2
on 02/20/2014

I know this is an old thread, but as a new Wizzley writer and Zazzle seller, I appreciate the people who have posted here.  I got ideas of what to make in my store from looking at yours -- things I never would have thought of.  Thanks, y'all.

Posts: 16
on 09/23/2014

This is an old thread, but I've been busy repurposing content from Helium, YCN, and Squidoo, and just now got back to Zazzle.

I have a ton of stores, so I'll try to have a bit of description in each one:

music - stuff that is mostly funny to actual musicians. A lot of Christmas-carol stuff here, too

cheatsheet - things to help kids (and maybe adults) learn stuff that is hard to remember, just by looking at it every day. We are planning to add a lot more, it just takes time to create the products since I am doing the graphics myself. Stuff for grammar, spelling, word choice, and math.

classicalgeek - my first store, and badly organized, but a little bit of everything.


Posts: 1816
on 10/09/2014

I've got the following:

A Gay Marriage

Gfits, cards, stationery and other things for gay weddings.

All Things Celtic

Everything for the Breton, Cornish, Irish, Manx, Scottish and Welsh - or those with ancestry from those places. Currently nicely stocked with Outlander goodies.

Beautiful Britain

Unique pictures from across Britain (Cornwall, England, Scotland and Wales) turned into lovely British gifts.

Old Ways and Awen

A Pagan gift store on Zazzle.

Emporium (aka The Write Word)

An ever growing cyber shopping mall. Its digital stores currently include:

  • Angry Deaf - Useful, informative or sarcastically caustic gifts for the Deaf community.
  • Bloggers of the World Unite - Random gifts for writers.
  • Family Tree Shop - Gifts for the discerning genealogist.
  • Fan Fiction, Because It Matters - Here there be dragons. Enter at your own risk.

Much thanks and love for anyone opting to display things from my stores. At the moment of writing, there are over 15,000 individual items to choose between across all of my Zazzle shops!


Posts: 123
on 12/23/2014

I wish I would have see this a month ago.   I just ordered a special sweatshirt, but it came directly from Zazzle.  I couldn't even find a Zazzle store that had what I wanted.  But, in case somebody would like to add this type of item to their store, I bought a I Love My Navy Grandson for my stepmother whose grandson is going into the Navy next month.    I am also looking for a military wreath, Navy of course.  


Linda Smith
Posts: 8
on 07/26/2015

I see this thread has been inactive for some months now, but I intend to pay attention to it when I have a need to find things on Zazzle.

Here are three of my shops there:   (Apologies - I couldn't seem to get the link insertion tool to work)


  • CruiseReady on Zazzle -  - Cruise Ships (bows. sterns, profiles, on board)  plus cruising related designs and nautical themes.  (first and largest of the three)
  • H2Owater -   -  the sea, the shore. waterways and under the waves.  (newest and smallest of the three)
  • TropiCards -    - more not cards than cards: flowers, in the islands, birds, palms, masterpiece magnets, cat, and miscellaneous stuff.
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