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How to format interviews so they don't get rejected?

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on 03/04/2013

I tried to post an article based on an interview with a chef that I did and it was soundly rejected. I have a feeling that it was because it resembled promotional material for the restaurant. It really wasn't my intention to write ad copy but I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for how to write up interviews here so they won't get rejected?

Posts: 478
on 03/04/2013

From what I gather, interviews are ok as long as they bring useful information. Try to give the readers useful information beyond the name of a restaurant where they could go to discover . . . what? Write the article so that even people who won't go to that restaurant will find something useful. Maybe this chef wants to share a recipe? Maybe you could try that recipe at home, and then tell us your experience of making and tasting the thing (with at least one picture)?

Just my two cents.

Posts: 379
on 03/04/2013

This author has interviewed artists and written about them at Wizzley:

I'm not suggesting that you copy anything, but have a look at how she's interviewed the subject. Maybe you could pick up some pointers.

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