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Linking To Specific Parts Of Content In Other Articles In A Wizzle

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on 06/21/2012

I discovered a neat trick for page hopping in a hyperlink in a wizzle. In other words if you want to send someone to another wizzle (yours or anyone elses) and you want the page to scroll down to a specific point on that page (like the TOC module does within a page) here's how you can do that:

I originally put the tip here but it was too long so I just created a Wizzle and linked to it. There is also a video tutorial there if you don't want to read or just want to see it quickly and succinctly in action.
Good Luck!

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on 06/23/2012

Thanks for the great video - I'm glad I read the wizzle first, and "got" the concepts before watching. Though I like the pacing of the tutorial overall, I found it a bit fast for a techno-pauper (me).

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