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on 05/05/2013

Interesting but my first article here at Wizzley is doing much better than I thought.

Why did I think it would fail:

1) I did 0 keyword research for this article. I mean it. I just encountered 3 nice or strange Japanese sayings when I learned the language and wanted to share it with people who would be curious about the Japanese language.

2) As the title says, I am focusing on things people have not heard about. Which means things that people won't look for at Google (since they haven't heard about it) which means people are not supposed to find my article.

3) I did not do any backlinking that I can recall of. Just a link on a blog I have that gets very little traffic.

So, why did I write it?

1) Sometimes, I just write about things I want to talk about and don't mind not making money with it.

2) I was supposed to create some kind of niche about the Japanese culture but so far, I have written only 2 articles... Don't know why, my inspiration stopped suddenly in this particular niche.

Anyway, I got lucky, but I wanted to share this little "success" story. Not making much money with it, but I do have a small residual traffic.

Posts: 374
on 05/05/2013

Good job! Share some of your luck with me lol

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on 05/08/2013


Sometimes I also write about things I just want to talk about (as you've said) - knowing I will never make a penny.

Posts: 20
on 05/11/2013

Congratulations! Smile

Yes, sometimes niche articles can reach an unpredicted success when there are few other articles on the web on this item.

SEO and links isn't all. A good quality of the content plays also a significant role.

Me too, I tend to write about things I want to write about in this moment, or to share knowledge I have about one item.

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