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Moving a Hubpage to Wizzley

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on 02/23/2012

I have moved a few of my Hubs to Wizzley and just in case anyone is wondering how long a Hub that you unpublish takes to be de-indexed on Google, it has just taken 6 days for my latest "conversion" to stop tripping the "duplicate content" filter on Wizzley.

So now I can publish on Wizzley.

Posts: 149
on 02/23/2012

AJ you can achieve the same in 24 hours or less.  Just use this tool by Google:

I have published around 10 hubs in last 2 days and all of them were deindexed and removed from cache in 12 hours or less.

Note:  You will have to request using the account from which you verified your hubpages subdomain.

Posts: 978
on 02/23/2012

Thanks AJ that's good news and good to know

Katie McMurray
Posts: 232
on 02/23/2012

Yes thank you, Natasha. It was probably you who suggested this a while back and I used the tool with great success to de-index my few hubs very quickly.

Posts: 1210
on 03/24/2012

It obviousely sticks around a while, my hubs were unpublished over a week ago and I'm still landing on my own pages in google searches (ouch).... I posted my sneeze article 4 days ago and it had no flags or dings for dupe... I think if it's not on the site and you tell wizzley staff your fine. (they will check it and clear you I'm sure).

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