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Not Sure What To Write (Product Based Articles) To Get Paid? Try These (LIST)

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on 08/02/2012

We had a popular discussion in another thread about product based articles and I wanted to share some product/keyword ideas to get you started if you have no clue what to write a review about (products)...

One of the best ways to get a long list of products is to go into a home improvement store. Most things in there make great products that have a balance between price/commission and consumer demand (and a dire need for information on them, as people tend to do research THEN go to a store- but they can learn and buy from your article right?

These are not seasonal (i.e. Christmas/holiday) these are just a bunch of things I've made clickcome from in the past... Just use it to find more ideas in your preferred niche... If anyone wants to toss in a bunch too that would be great. Let's help people get their product articles together (these should be written informatively but also review a specific product (and not in a sales like way).  The more people find things to write on, the faster wizzley is built up to author/articles standards held by other sites... These can be used for creating a niche topic on an informative only article too (they still sell products)...

List of Product type article niches to tap into:

Keyword for researching information:

window blinds
window covers
window cleaning
window shades (blackout blinds for home theatres and baby rooms)
Plants (any species vegitbable, plant, garden, gardening, herbs, landscaping, etc...)
yoga mats
Baby First Years
Wedding Planning Tips
Tankless Water Heaters
Stress Management
Stop Snoring Devices
Remodel My Kitchen
Interior Design
Insulation Reviews
Working With Sheetrock
Get Rid Of Mold
Snowblower Reviews
Furnace Reviews
Build A Charcoal Grill
Headache Relief
Fix Lawnmower Myself
Matresses and bedroom sets
Fiberglass Replacement Windows
Drywall Texturing
Shower Stalls
Travel Trailers
Riding Lawnmowers
Laminate Flooring
Kitchen Designs
Home Security Systems
Gas Grills
Chinese Drywall And Sheetrock
Outdoor Kitchen
Garage Doors
Air Purifiers
Solar Power (lots of prodcut potential)
Blood Pressure
Garage Door Openers
Irrigation Systems
Welder Reviews
Storage Sheds
Window Blinds Reviews
Kitchen Cabinets Reviews
GPS Devices
Small Countertop Ovens
Greenhouse Reviews
House Siding Review
Building A Greenhouse
Air Compressors
Cat Connection
Panic attacks/anxiety

You can actually do an LSI search on any of those keywords and find burried treasure of product ideas... pick something your passionate about and write a review. Find customer posts on forums and other review sites but make sure your review is potent and useful.


Posts: 626
on 08/02/2012

Great list J

Posts: 1210
on 08/02/2012

Thanks :)

Posts: 477
on 08/02/2012

A comprehensive list!  Laughing

I just go to amazon and browse through I find something familiar and then think to myself - why didn't I think of that? Then I do the keyword checks to get a long tail in that particular niche.

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on 08/02/2012

Nice List, I took Babies First Birthday, just published. Thanks for the inspirationInnocent.

Katie McMurray
Posts: 626
on 08/02/2012

Katie - it should be "Baby's First Birthday" unless you are talking about a number of Baby's - but then I suppose many will search for the 'Babies' one.

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