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on 12/02/2011

It would be great if the community here would +1 and share everyone's Wizz's (whatever). Socially share and share alike, that way we get some easy links and whatnot and help each other out.

I'll be doing this in future but I think this is something that makes a community tight: helping one another. I like the microcosm here, the feel of the place is great: let's keep it that way.

Also: if you don't already do this - you should IMO:

  • Locate your author's RSS feed on your "Profile" page. RSS icon is small but in the upper leftish.
  • Take it and submit it to RSS aggregators like IceRocket, HostMyRSS, FeedAgg and the like. Just a handful is sufficient, but there are tools and free services out there for this. (Bulkping is one that comes to mind.)
  • Then take your individual Wizzley pages' URLs and use Bulkping or Ice Rocket (or Yahoo Pipes or whatever) to *create a feed* for the page.
  • Submit that individual feed using Bulkping.
  • Then create a "mashup" of all the above: into one grand RSS feed (easy to do at Bulkping!).
  • Submit that at Bulkping.
  • A week or so later: ping your feed at Pingler or Bulkping or wherever you like (search for "ping servers" in Google).

Ta-da: you just created some easy and quick indexing, as well as quick linking. For the price of nuttin', honey.

You can also use the regular social bookmarks to build links: Digg, Xomba, SheToldMe (if you pay $5 a month or $12 a year), Best-Reviewed, RedGuage, YouSayToo and about a dozen other places (JumpTags, Folkd, StumbleUpon....heck even Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn).

Just food for thought.

Check your main keywords at (they don't allow cookies so they won't record your personal search data like Google, which screws up your rankings for accuracy)...and do this once a week (not every hour on the hour!).

This way you can see what needs work and do other things, like compose a guest post for a few Wizzleys or whatnot.

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on 12/03/2011

Something else to do. Thanks for the reminder to use RSS feeds. 

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on 12/04/2011

Thanks for the tips.  Without knowing your expertise, I do want to point out the the articles on Wizzley are indexing without doing all of these things, and that personally I do not recommend wasting your time backlinking that much to the social media.  I believe that backlinks from article posts, blog posts, and other article sites are much better for traffic.

I am also sorry to say that while I do from time to time tweet, +1, or send Wizzley articles to Facebook, I do not have the time to consistently do that for everyone that I admire on this site.  I prefer to help people learn how to become found on Google and other search engines through my own articles, and forum posts which I believe is the best way to earn money from our writing here.

That being said, I do use the RSS feed from my own Wizzley articles to feed to Twitter and from there to other places in an automatic way to help publicize my own articles.  I also place that feed on several of my other sites.Laughing


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