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problem with double posting

on 07/08/2011

i had some difficulty posting a new article today. everytime I tried to use allposters it would not post and just kept uploading.

I finally had to deleted and had to repost the entire article.

the second problem was a double article after i hit Publish. it didnt show up as a double 

Are there any hiccups in the system today?Surprised

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on 07/08/2011

Not that we know of, Stacie. If you ever have problems like these again, try first reloading your page. Remember - as soon as you've saved your first module of a new article (the "Create a page" set-up), this page is saved and always accessible through your dashboard under "My Pages". Even before publishing it. No need to delete a page and restart it. 

Sometimes you may have to clear the cache, other times a simple reload/refresh will solve minor hick-ups.

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on 07/09/2011

I was afraid I'd lose everything by refreshing in the middle. I usually empty the cashe before posting. I was using chrome so maybe thats the problem..All better now

Do what makes you happy- I write and create Hubpages
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