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Revisiting Sub-Categories in History

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on 01/20/2012

I wondered if we could look again at the sub-categories in History, before they get too populated with articles. I'm trying to save a bigger job later for the team here! <3

Here is how it looks at the moment:

The problem is that they are either too specific or too broad. There is an obvious confusion between 'Antiquity' and 'Ancient Era'. My interpretation might not be the same as the next writer's. A poll in one of my articles shows very well how widely people differ in their sense of when history occurred.

Many of these categories seem very focused upon Britain. This is great from my point of view, as I'm British!  But it's not going to be very helpful if we're writing about the history of other countries. Other than the US and French specifics, everything is going to end up thrown into World History.

Plus there are glaring omissions in the time-line.  Where, for example, would I write about the English Civil War?  We have Elizabethan (but not Tudor per se) and Jacobean, but then everything stops until the Victorians. The Stuart period was one of the major watersheds in British History, as was the late Mediaeval (Owain Glyn Dwr; Wars of the Roses; Peasants' Revolt; Black Death). Neither have an obvious category.

If there is support for tidying up the categories here, I'm happy to help out. I'm an historian (<showing off>with letters after my name and everything! </showing off>), so I could go through and see what would cover everything. I don't mind also looking at all of the extant articles and helping recategorise them.




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on 01/20/2012

We appreciate your offer to help with your expert advice, Jo.

Our categories are mainly pulled from lists of popular keywords. We'd have to make time to review our system and see what we need to change. Right now, we're over our ears in 2 very important projects that should help generate more income for our members. When we're done with that...gosh, our to-do list is so long (and gets longer every week).

So, we'll have to wait a bit on your suggestion, but let's not forget it, either.  Smile

Achim "Chef Keem" Thiemermann is the co-founder of a pretty cool new platform, yeah -
Posts: 1816
on 01/20/2012

Ok, there's cool. :D

The projects thing sounds intriguing!

I'll just leave the offer there for whenever you wish to run with it. No rush. <3

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