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SEO glitches detected?

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on 09/17/2016



I am still scratching my head about why some Wizzley articles take so much time in getting indexed. So, here are 3 suggestions:


1. Have you checked whether or not Wizzley's sitemap can be crawled by search enginges (Google, Bing, and son on) at this moment? I would personally check this via Google/Bing Webmaster Tools.


2. What about using the changefreq node in the XML sitemap?


3. On the other hand, I've realized that Wizzley's main topics (Arts, Automotive, Beauty & Fashion, etc.) are not being indexed. I guess it is because of how the main navigation system is structured in Popular, New, Buzzing and Editor's Choice. Please, take a look:






You see, main topics are not indexed because the main navigation system creates a lot of redundance, which makes sense in terms of search engines.


However, what about turning the above into something usable for both people and crawlers?


Seriously, I don't understand why some articles don't get indexed within few minutes/hours.


Thank you for listening to my suggestions! I can't wait to see my articles on Google :)

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