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So... what is happening with backlinks and rules on self-promotion?

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on 07/21/2011

I've had a busy few weeks and haven't been online half as much as I've wanted, but a quick search has shown me nothing related to this in the forums or help section (sorry if I missed it.)

Some sites have strict rules about where articles can be backlinked, etc. Are there any such rules here?

Also, as members on a new site, isn't it our partial responsibility to backlink more than we would normally to help the whole site rank better? And are the staff also working on getting the site ranked better or are they depending on new authors and word of mouth to get that done?

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on 07/22/2011

There are sites with rules about self promotion? I have never heard that. 

There are no rules about getting your wizzles or the site as a whole backlinks, but you're right of course: if everybody steps in and links from their other web projects to Wizzley, the site will rank well faster.

Personally I'm linking here from hubpages and squidoo. 

As for linking more than we would normally - I don't know about that. We should be interlinking our content anyhow: the more the better. 

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on 07/22/2011

We're working hard every day to improve our ranking, mainly by weeding out low-quality content and promoting the good stuff (submitting RSS feeds; guest post on Problogger; etc.).

Re: backlinks - anything goes, as long as it comes from reputable sites. Of course, we're not interested in attracting a bunch of "ninja-artists" who'd use Wizzley only as a dumping ground for their spun crap.

Thank you so much for your help in spreading the word about Wizzley.  Smile 

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on 07/22/2011

If each of us routinely adds backlinks to our own pages from other reputable sites, then the site will rise naturally.  The more backlinks the better.

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on 07/22/2011

I'm glad we can do some backlinking as Hubpages is giving me a large percentage of views now..

stay cool everyone..Tongue out

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on 07/22/2011

Awesome, thanks. I'm currently working on trying to backlink a lot of my sites, so will see how many Wizzley backlinks I can throw out there.

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