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suggestion: amazon text links with impression sharing

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on 12/29/2011

Since we are not supposed to use our own Amazon text links on wizzley, and we are only supposed to use wizzley amazon modules that are set up to share impressions with Wizzley:

Perhaps it would be a good idea to set up a feature where we can add Amazon Text links that have the impression-sharing with Wizzley.

Perhaps there is some way to put this option into the text modules?

so that we can put in an Amazon text link and it will automatically share impressions with Wizzley and with us, just like the gallery and list module. (substituted in 50-60% of the page impressions of the articles )

Sometimes when writing an article on Wizzley, it could be good to stick in a text link as part of a paragraph and not just as a separate module.

that way, the link can naturally flow with our writing and the reader's reading, instead of being above, below or on the side of the area where the reader is looking.

sometimes readers develop "blind spots" for ads and are specifically reading the text- it could be good to be able to have a text link in the paragraph.

if you do this, please make the text link customizable (where the text can say anything from "click here to buy it" or "see this" or the actual product name, or a shortened version of the product name that fits in to the paragraph.

also, it could be convenient if the text link can go to any amazon page (similar to when a person  creates a link with our own id) - a search page, category page, home page or product page with any name to the text link.

just a thought! wonder what everyone else thinks about this idea.

no pressure- only if it's a profitable suggestion for everyone, then it can be a win-win.

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on 12/29/2011

We're already working on a solution. Thanks for your input..

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on 12/29/2011

Whoa! Anne! New avatar! Beautiful new look.

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