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Words Google No Like

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on 04/04/2012

Hey guys and gals, just wanted to interject something my experiences of late have taught me. We all know certain words can cause an "adult content" ding from Google (at least that's what some believe) and so we don't use them or use "replacement" terms like for sexy we can say "thexy or thexxy" and sexual we can say "thexual" (i.e. "a kiss is non-thexual" vs. the alternative- just to be safe... I got a power ding for using the big O word, one word, an entire village was killed (hub)...

Another thing and the main reason I'm posting this here is words that interrupt or cause problems with adsense rules are "Click"  and a bunch of others, common sense would state using "click on ads" in any article is going to get a ding from Google, maybe maybe not but why take any chances- it violates the tos terms that you can't solicit clicks (there are no ads in the forum so I'm sure it's ok to say things like that here)

Beyond the article itself, are the comments. Since Google considers your comments ALSO an extension but also a part of (no distinction really other than them reading the IP address to confirm these are comments coming from various parts of the web, thus social interaction juice (a powerful rank builder actually- they love if your site is interacted with by thousands of different people- this is how a simple article I wrote went from ambiguous to number 1 on Google 3 years in a row, consistently for a very awesome keyword (get rid of a pimple overnight)... and yes I own the domain :) ha!

If you can avoid it don't say "Click" or "click ads" even in any context that you'd think would be benign, these are bots reading it not people most of the time. I try to avoid even allowing comments that use these terms as I don't want to take any chances. If someone does post a comment that is useful and they do mention click, clicks, click ads or any of the other obvious tos violations (they don't read intent, they just read, flag).

Then I may delete the comment, log out of my account, visit my article and rebuild it (i.e. use the same name and copy paste the comment exactly- minus any offending to adsense terms (or use replacement terms)... this is ethical if you rebuild it exactly omitting the terms for your protection (just add a line about it and why)... Google is a sensitive creature!

Google many actually take into consideration that content in a comment is separate from the article in this respect, but why take a chance? On HP they will disable all adsense ads for this, even if it appears in a comment so I'm thinking they figured something out there.

Hope this helps!


p.s. (and chef chime in if I'm off base here, as I'm just guessing below about your ad practices in the forum)

if you guys/gals are wondering why there are no ads in the forum but everywhere else there seems to be (even profile pages, update (internal) pages etc... if there are), it's likely because in here we can say what we want, weather or not Google likes it... and I'm sure they are saving us from having to view ads in at least one place :) I wonder if there's a way to make ads that are on pages that contain your code non clickable to you when your logged in... so no mistakes happen.

I've accidentally clicked my own ads not thinking about it because lol the ad was actually something I really really really was curious about... (Google forgives one accidental click, just don't make one user on HP's mistake and email them about it! they look for patterns and repetition and one click accidentally clicked although not something you want to even risk, will likely be ok...


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