Framing your Photographs

by Ralpapajan

A simple method of framing your photographs using Free Software. I am using IrfanView and PhotoScape.

You've taken a super photograph... want to show your friends.

Reflection in Trieste

This is the Picasa Gallery of Gianni V. I am not sure if he is a professional or not. If he is an amateur then he is really inspired. Have a look at his photographs ~ get inspired as he inspires me.

Gianni V on Picasa Web Albums

Gianni V introduced me to PhotoScape.  Have a look at his albums and note the framing and how his framed photographs look.

Rob in Malta - Photo by Nikki - Original

Here is my first unframed photograph.  I am using photographs of and by me to make sure copyright is OK. Note how the background clutters the image.  

I turned to Picasa to enhance this aspect.

Photo by Nikki ~ Picasa Tweak

Ahh! I think that is better.  Turned the background to grey-scale but kept the face in colour.

Now to add a simple frame.  For this I turned to IrfanView 

Photo by Nikki ~ Simple IrfanView Frame

This is the first example  I used IrfanView here.

After opening Irfan open the photo to be framed.

Then go to Image ~ Add border/frame.

A menu will appear.  The only way to learn is to try it!  have fun.

Photo by Nikki - a livelier frame added.

I now added an orange frame that, I think, makes the face in colour stand out more.  It draws the eyes to the focal point, my ugly mush!

Nissan Hut from WW2 ~ seen whilst researching the death of Lt Emil van Heerden of 513 Sqn - a South African Pilot in the RAF.

My own opinion is that this is not exactly inspiring in any way.

Nissan Hut WW2

Now look at this.  Notice how the frame draws the eye to the subject and makes it look more evocative.  A sad end ~ what memories does that ruin hold?

Nissan Hut with 3D effect

Now, using another IrfanView effect, also in Image on the menu but this time click on 'Effects' and then in the drop down box select 3D.

Just an idea to enhance your photographs.

All the above used IrfanView now we look at a photograph that has been framed using both PhotoScape first and then IrfanView. For this photograph I selected one posted on Facebook.

Sunset over Wankie (Whangwe) Zimbabwe

A stunning photograph.  What would it be like with a frame.  Let us have a look.

Sunset over Wankie

Using PhotoScape only - does that not look pretty good?  I think the frame enhances the photograph.

Sunset over Wankie

Now a frame added to the PhotoScape frame using IrfanView. I believe that this combination makes a big difference to the original photograph.

Well there you have it.  A simple and free method of adding classic frames to your photographs.  

There are many other free frames you could choose is you wanted a quirky frame.  Search the Internet and try them out.  

Grateful thanks and acknowledgement to Gianni V for all the inspiration he has given me.

A few more photographs...

...showing the versatility of IrfanView and Photoscape
Durnbach war Cemetery ~ Last resting Place of my relative Lt Emile van Heerden - WW2 Mosquito Pilot.
Durnbach war Cemetery ~ Last resting Place of my relative Lt Emile van Heerden - WW2 Mosquito Pilot.
In Greener Pastures.
In Greener Pastures.
Amanzimtoti River ~ Photo Rickie Booysen
Amanzimtoti River ~ Photo Rickie Booysen
Richard Booysen - KwaZulu Natal
Shisa reads a Christmas Card
Shisa reads a Christmas Card
Penny van Heerden ~ Naha-shi, Okinawa
Sxndii in love
Sxndii in love
Sxndii in a different frame  - from PhotoScape
Sxndii in a different frame - from PhotoScape
Updated: 01/30/2012, Ralpapajan
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Richard Booysen on 02/08/2012

I like the way a frame completely changes the
attitude of a photograph

Ralpapajan on 02/06/2012

Pleasure dear Lady.

katiem2 on 02/06/2012

Great tips, I love framing my daughters art work, they are both great artist and those drawings are all priceless, I will put your help and guidance to good use. Thanks.

Jen Rabie on 01/25/2012

Gee Rob...its amazing how the frame enhances the picture!!!

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