How to Make Your Website Interactive and Retain Customers

by nislondon

Interaction and engagement are essential elements of any good website. Here are some interactive features to boost visitor engagement.

For a website to be effective and perform effectively, it needs promote interaction and engagement with website visitors. Website owners employ many tactics to make their website interactive and offer a seamless user experience to visitors.This article takes a look at some effective ways to boost website interactivity.

5 Free Features You Can Add to Your Website Today to Increase Interactivity and Retention

Websmasters utilize several techniques to make their website interactive for visitors. Offering an interactive user experience to those who visit your website is an important element of a good website and high on the agenda for designers.

This tutorial investigates and offers an insight into ways to improve the interactivity of your website. This will create a lasting impression on customers and enable you to interact and communicate more effectively with website visitors.

Here are 5 easy ways to increase interaction and customer retention on your website :

1.  Add Live Support Widget

Live chat or live support feature makes it easy to achieve customer satisfaction by providing exceptional customer service on your website. Adding a Live Support widget on your website. It is a simple but poweful feature that allows you to to start chatting with your web visitors in real-time.  It also gives a deeper understanding of your customers. Many websites are already using this tool to respond to customer queries and interact with customers.

Interactive Website - Live Chat

Following are some Live Chat widgets that you can use:

  • Web Chat by LivePerson™ by
  • E-Commerce Chat Software by
  • Live Chat Application by


2. Add Google Custom Search Engine

Google’s Custom Search Engine also know as Google CSE makes searching on your site easy. It is different to regular Google search engine. It allows you to create a custom search engine for your website where you can limit the results to content from your website only. You can also choose to show content from other website if you want.  The basic version is free to use. You can also make money off the ads that Google shows.

Interactive Website - Google CSE

3. Let Customers Leave Comments

Adding comment facility on your website content can turn your website into an online community and makes sure your visitors are deeply involved and engaged with your website. It also makes your content more valuable and keeps your information dynamic and fresh.

Adding comment facility on your website is easy to do. There are many comment systems to use that can be set up on any website in just a few minutes. It requires no complex software installation or code changes from your side and can usually be done by just cutting and pasting a few lines of code.

Interactive Features - Comments

Here are some comment systems you can use:

  • Disqus -
  • Facebook Comments
  • Livefyre

4. Slides and Presentations

Embedding slides and presentations within the content of your web pages is a simple way to make your site more interactive for users. Many customers prefer to abosrb content through presentations or slideshows. Presentations sites like Slideshare provide a great free way to create user-friendly presentations for your content. Many popular website are already benefiting from this method. It makes content easier to absorb and is especially effective for large content or tutorials.

Interactive Features - Slides

5.  Videos

Video is a effective way to provide information to your customers. Not everyone likes to read text on websites. Some customers prefer to absorb content is a visual manner and video is one of the best tactics to do this. Adding videos to your website keeps customers engaged and dramatically increases retention. It makes your website more interactive for customers. Videos are also very popular for attracting the attention of customers, resulting in more page views and website traffic.


A good website is a must for every business. There are many features you need on your website if you want to get the desired results and benefits. Good interactive features promote customer retention and add interaction to your website. This is essential for your business.

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Updated: 01/04/2013, nislondon
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