The Best Free Online Games Like The Sims

by Seelyon

With the shutdown of The Sims Social there are many people on the hunt for free online Games Like The Sims. My sister loves this genre and sent me on the hunt for games that could

With the shutdown of The Sims Social there are many people on the hunt for free online Games Like The Sims. My sister loves this genre and sent me on the hunt for games that could replace The Sims Social for her. I've put together her favourite options below so that other fans can find a game they'll enjoy.

One thing I discovered during my search for games was that the free life simulation genre is definitely an untapped market, there are very few games in this category which is why the shutdown of EA's hit, The Sims Social was probably such a shock.

If you know any other great online alternatives to The Sims series then be sure to leave a comment at the end of this page, I'll be sure to add them and pass them onto my sister as well.

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Disney City Girl

The Best Of The Free Online Games Like The Sims

According to my sister the free online game like The Sims that she had the most fun with was Disney City Girl, a free to play game on Facebook that lets you take control of a virtual life while decorating your home.

According to the Facebook App Centre page the game has over 1 million users that also enjoy the experience that the game offers (the game also has 1.3million likes on Facebook as if this review so it's definitely doing something right).

In Disney city Girl players assume the role of a character that has left home to go and see if they can make it in the world of New York fashion (not an easy task!) The game combines avatar customisation and fashion elements with the ability to decorate your own apartment (in a similar manner to designing your house in The Sims). The game does also have some career elements as you choose to play as a fashion designer, chef or an author.

My sister found Disney City girl to be the best online game like The Sims since it had elements of the The Sims gameplay (housing customisation and holding a job) but blended it with fashion, which like most girls her age my sister loved.



An Online Life Simulation Game With A Desperate Housewives Twist

I describe the second game on this list as a mixture between The Sims and Desperate Housewives. The name (Suburbia) also gives away that it takes inspiration from both sources. Don't be fooled into thinking this is for a mature audience though, the game is definitely designed for teenagers and doesn't use adult themes.

Just like Disney City Girl featured above the game is available through Facebook and boasts account numbers over a million.

The setting for your Suburbia adventure is Libertine Heights with the game giving you plenty of opportunity to decorate your dream house in a very Sims like fashion. To help add some extra depth to the gameplay Suburbia has you following a mysterious plot that involves the entire neighbourhood which is where the Desperate Housewives inspiration really shows.

Since my sister is reaching the end of her teenage years and an avid follower of The Desperate Houswives show I wasn't surprised in the slightest that this game was her second favourite online game like The Sims that I dug up for her.



A Game Like The Sims That Doesn't Need Facebook

The previous two titles on this list of free online games like The Sims have both needed Facebook to play. If you don't have a Facebook account or aren't interested in battling with a game to keep it's alerts and posts away from your friends then the final option ofSmallWorlds is for you.

SmallWorlds is played within your browser and lets you take control of your own virtual life with plenty of options to dress up, customise your own home and live a life that you've dreamed of.

The graphics of SmallWorlds in particular are one of it's best features and really put the other games on this list to shame. Browser games have definitely come a long way in recent years and SmallWorlds is a testament to this.

Starting out you'll be dumped in front of your new small home with all the essentials. By participating in the game world and community you'll be able to purchase more space, items and clothing to alter your character or house appearance.

There is also plenty of opportunity to interact with others with SmallWorlds being a more multiplayer experience than the other options here which is why my sister didn't like it as much. She much preferred the single player orientated online games like The Sims previously listed on this page. This multiplayer focus and lack of Facebook requirement might make it the number one option in your books though.


The Winning Online Life Simulation Game Is..

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