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by Seelyon

Free online Pokemon games are everywhere, so which ones are the best? This page has a list of online games like Pokemon for PC that you can play to relive the Pokemon experience.

Free online Pokemon games are everywhere, so which ones are the best? This page has a list of online games like Pokemon for PC that you can play to relive the Pokemon experience.

I'm a huge Pokemon fan and grew up with a healthy dose of Pokemon Yellow on my Gameboy Colour. Since then I've been hunting high and low for games like Pokemon for PC that I can get the same joy out of as the console games and spin-offs.

I've played many of these free online Pokemon games and not all of them deliver on everything that they promise. I do think I've found a few of the better offerings in the genre though and hopefully it will save you hours of time trying and becoming frustrated with the other games out there.

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The Best Of The Free Games Like Pokemon For PC

If I had to point you in the direction of one free game like Pokemon for PC that will keep you interested in the long run it would be PokeMMO. I've been playing the game for nearly 6 months now and could easily see my committing another 6 months and beyond.

PokeMMO isn't one of the online options on this page as it does require a client download so be aware of that before reading on about what the game offers.

The game is my definition of a Pokemon game with all the elements of Pokemon but available in a free game. It's based on the Fire Red game version so it does return to roots of the series. PokeMMO requires some tech brains to get the game running properly so not everyone will be able to advantage of the game (see the other options below if that is the case).

Whether it's old style PvE Pokemon gameplay you want or PvP tournmanets to prove yourself as the ultimate Pokemon master PokeMMO offers them both and so much more.


One Of The Best Free Online Pokemon Games

MonsterMMORPG wins the free online Pokemon games award on this page and if you want something you can be playing within a minute or two this is it.

The aim of the game is simple, you'll collect battle and trade your own team of captured monsters in this monster capturing role playing game that is reminiscent of the Pokemon universe. The level of content is the biggest appeal to this game and with a large community also behind the game there definitely isn't a shortage of other players to communicate with.

Best of all? MonsterMMORPG works in your browser, making it easy for players to jump players right into the world and it is a complete world with hundreds and hundreds of unique maps filled with NPCs, trainers and monsters.

And just how many monsters are there to capture? Over 1000! These aren't Pokemon either and are all original monsters which means you get the joy of learning all of their strengths and weaknesses all over again.

Pokemon Battle Arena

Another One Of The Great Free Online Games Like Pokemon

Pokemon Battle Arena is one of the simple but free fun online Pokemon games that I tried and I did enjoy it although not as much as the other options.

Borrowing heavily from the Pokemon franchises and with a simple browser experience split across many screens. It's not an experience that everyone will love but it does feel like you're living out your own Pokemon experience regardless of that.

Moving around uses a graphic representation similar to that of the Pokemon franchise and other online Pokemon games but there are no battle animations to enjoy. Much of the item purchasing also takes place on simple browser screens but it doesn't detract from the experience too much.

Pokemon World Online

Another One Of My Favourite Games Like Pokemon For PC

Pokemon World Online is another one of the games like Pokemon for PC that is listed here. I definitely found it hard to find free online Pokemon games so I had to resort to including more computer based options.

Sometimes referred to as PWO the game is all about making friends both in the monsters you'll use for battle and the trainers you'll travel with. You start your monster capture adventure in the unique SaltSpray Bay where you get thrown into a world of gym battles, PvP and monster capture.

It might be last on my list here but don't count it out it's definitely a rewarding monster capture RPG with a great multiplayer scene behind it.

Updated: 08/30/2019, Seelyon
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