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by Seelyon

There are countless free online strategy war games around the web and I've dabbled quite a bit in the genre. I've included some of my favourites below to help other fans of the gen

There are countless free online strategy war games around the web and I've dabbled quite a bit in the genre. I've included some of my favourites below to help other fans of the genre find the perfect game for them.

So what are the defining elements of the genre? The game has to be free and online (playable in your browser) of course, waiting for your instructions to be finished is also a key ingredient of this genre. Finally an element that makes the genre for me is enough strategic depth to sink your teeth into over the long term.

I hope you'll find this collection of free online strategy war games suitable to your needs and don't hesitate to leave your own comments and opinions below.

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Evony Age II

One Of The Long Term Top Free Online War Strategy Games

Evony has always been the top of this game genre (it's even the introduction image for this page). Evony Age II takes the popular game and adds a host of new features that take the game to the next level of war strategy.

The game pretty much defined the genre and while it's not as popular as it was during launch it's still easily one of the best in the genre (in my experience anyway). Evony offers a persistent game world that uses the perfect war strategy setting, the medieval times.

After jumping into the shoes of lord or lady you'll get to control the building of your ultimate city, military units and more. With a weeks worth of protection on your side you've got plenty of time to build something you're proud of before it's open to attack for other players.

I consider Evony to be the staple of the genre and it's a game that everyone interested in this sort of game needs to play at least once.

Terra Militaris

Another One Of My Favourite Free Online Strategy War Games

Terra Militaris is another game in the genre that I've gotten a lot of enjoyment out of over the past few months. Falling under the MMO browser strategy game genre the games success started with Europe before coming to the international market.

What I really like about Terra Militaris is the different civilization options with four available that each have their own themes, units and gameplay style. I loved it when games in this space bring this starting civilization depth to the gameplay as I feel like right off the bat I've got a important decision to make.

Terra Militaris takes you through a standard process of taking a simple settlement to a powerhouse civilization, a journey that I always love to be involved in. This journey is one of both war and trading. Combat has plenty of PvE battles but it also has plenty of PvP opportunities against the thousands of players split across the game servers.

Lord of Ultima

EA's Take On The Free Online War Strategy Game Genre

Lord of Ultima is the third game I've featured here and another one of the few games in this genre that has held my attention in the long term (yes there is a lot of junk in this genre for sure).

The game is definitely EA's pitch to jump onto the success of Evony (in typical EA fashion) but for once I don't mind this as they have improved the genre quite significantly.

Lord of Ultima pushes a lot of the gameplay in the city building realm with a focus on building up grand provinces that let you get your hands on resources, units and more. If you prefer the city development side of other free online war strategy games you'll feel at home with Lord of Ultima.

Updated: 08/30/2019, Seelyon
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