FreeAdLists Vs. Craigslist

by JoyLynskey

Read here to understand the benefits of using smaller classified ad services like freeadlists,com as opposed to the Craigslist giant!

For the past few years, Craigslist, a free online classifieds ad service, has gained a tremendous amount of popularity. However, the problem lies within the quality that Craigslist provides. Craigslist has become a spammer's haven, as well as a place where many post ads to belittle, rant, rave and take out frustrations with others. Although a “flag” button is in place to weed out unscrupulous ads, Craigslist users have taken it upon themselves to remove otherwise legitimate ads.  FreeAdlists on the other hand, has a variety of advantages that makes it a clear winner when choosing a free classified ads service.

The Negative Impacts of Craigslist

  • Security at Craigslist is less than desired. On several occasions, personal emails and telephone numbers have been hacked, even though Craigslist provides an anonymous email link for all its users.
  • As mentioned before, Craigslist allows its users to “police” the site, flagging ads that they feel are inappropriate. The problem with this is that many users, more commonly known as “trollers,” will flag your ad over and over just for giggles, forcing your ad to be removed. Others will flag your ad if they feel it's in direct competition with their own ad, or if they simply just don't like your ad. Several legitimate ads are removed daily because of this ridiculous rule.
  • Because of its lack of security, spammers have found an extremely easy way to flood Craigslist with a ton of spammy ads. These ads are so abundant that the legitimate ads get buried underneath all of the false advertisements and unethical posts.

The Benefits of FreeAdlists

  • FreeAdlists has a team of developers are that are constantly updating the site in order to effectively combat the type of behavior that's seen on Craigslist. In turn the site is cleaner, safer, easier to navigate, and users can find what they are looking for with ease.
  • FreeAdLists  will never sell or share your personal information, and with a team of developers watching out for security threats, your personal information is safe.
  • Every user is required to confirm their accounts and become a member on FreeAdlists before posting an ad. Although Craigslist does have the option for users to sign up, ads can also be posted without registration, which brings about a ton of security issues.

The negativity associated with Craigslist is at an all time high, with news articles being posted at an alarming rate in which crimes were committed via Craigslist. Although everyone should practice safety when dealing with the Internet, the crime rates and scams performed through Craigslist is enough for people to seek a more reliable way in order to post a free classified ad. FreeAdlists is aware of the dangers, and takes the extra measures needed to ensure the safety of its users, something Craigslist is clearly lacking.

Updated: 01/10/2012, JoyLynskey
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JoyLynskey on 11/05/2011

I understand that so well! My craigslist account is constantly hacked now so I am so afraid to open it. I do stick with sites like because I do not have those problems there! Thanks for commenting!

Michey on 11/04/2011

I use Craigslist just once and I noticed the spam, I was disappointed with the luck of security and stopped using it!
Never used freeadlists, so I cannot comment, but you encourage me to try.

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