Freezer meals - The Once a Month Cooking Way

by MuminBusiness

Learn how to reduce the cost, time and effort of preparing meals for your family

The OAMC Way

You wake to the sound of your baby crying and thus begins your day.  Your older child also wants attention so you rush around in a bit of a daze getting every one clean and dressed.  You hop on to the Kitchen, still not completely in control but responding to the sounds of hunger from your kiddies.

Breakfast is served, thankfully the children do not mind the same things over and over again each day so not too much thought required.  You finally get a moment to have a shower (well, Kind of! - The baby is screaming against the cubicle) and get dressed.  Then you read them stories, run around cleaning the house, stop to comfort someone, play games, change nappies, have a play date maybe or go to the park just to get out of the house and then suddenly, you think - What are we going to eat tonight?

And you quickly try to figure out what you have in your cupboards and seek to piece it all together into some kind of healthy meal or (horror of horrors) you order in some take out.  It is after all too much hassle to take the little ones to a restaurant and marshall them while trying to enjoy the meal as a couple.

I am sure you know what I am talking about... It must have happened to us all at some point (or various points!) 

Stay at home/Go to work, Dad/Mum, it does not matter.  Feeding a family healthily can be difficult and so it may be worth considering the concept of once a month cooking.

Have you ever resorted to a take away or restaurant?

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No, You must be some kind of Angel. More power to you. or You have a cook, in which case, you are a lucky so and so! Yes, Well, you are in sympathetic company. I am still working on perfection, ha ha!

So how can Freezer meals help?

So the idea is to find a way to always have the food you need to eat ready to go each evening.  The only preparation required will be the heating up.  What a difference this will make!

Now, I was brought up with Sunday being the cooking day in my house.  My Mum rose at the break of dawn and cooked the stews and soups to last us the week and we were a household of anything between a minimum of six people (My immediate siblings and parents) to fourteen people (extended family and us).  Somehow, it worked all the time.

In fact people visiting knew what days to avoid if they did not like the food being served that day.  It was the same from week to week and we were all healthy and ...bored!

Surely, there is a way in between the two - my sometimes chaotic way of making food choices and my childhood regimens.  The Once a month cooking recipe book definitely went some way to provide a balance.

Three things this method of cooking saves

  1. Time - The time you have to put into preparing meals becomes sooo much less.  Suddenly, you are just pulling meals out of the freezer in sufficient quantities to feed your family each evening without too much ado.
    This is even less time than waiting for the delivery of the takeaway meal and definitely healthier.  
    Yes, the day a month you spend cooking can be intense but get the whole family involved and it can be a family tradition each month.
  2. Effort - The effort expended each evening is suddenly reduced almost to zilch.   All you do is pull out the designated meal, heat it up and you are ready to go.
  3. Cost - No more of those trips to the grocery store where you end up buying more than you need because you are uncertain what you have in your home or you just impulse buy for yourself or the children.  You buy food when it is on offer so you get it at its cheapest price in bulk.

Three mighty good reasons that make the Once a month cooking recipe book worth the trouble of looking at it, I think!

Updated: 01/11/2012, MuminBusiness
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MuminBusiness on 01/12/2012

Too true, it can definitely burn a home in one's bank account. Even without children, constantly eating out is an expensive concept.

Jimmie on 01/12/2012

I used the OAMC method when I was teaching full time and working on my master's degree at night. It was the only way we could have a decent meal on the table. Eating out is not only unhealthy but expensive.

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