Frog Song for Morning Meeting

by evelynsaenz

Singing a song about frogs for a Morning Meeting activity is a fun, active way to focus the children on the Frog Theme, learn about syllables and create community.

Morning Meeting is usually held first thing in the morning as the children come into the classroom. Because we are studying frogs, our morning meeting routine will also continue that theme. We greet each other as if we are frogs in the pond, following ideas from The Responsive Classroom movement, but with a focus on frogs. We discuss what we will be doing throughout the day. We do a fun, frog-themed activity to get kids focused on the theme. Our Morning Message is frog themed and directly related to Morning Meeting as well. Reinforcing lessons taught about syllabication in the past few days. Come explore the fun and leaning taking place in a Frog Themed Classroom at Morning Meeting Time...

Singing about Frogs

Morning Meeting Activity with a Frog Theme

Leopard Frog sings Ribbit

Each morning we begin our day with Morning Meeting. As part of our Frog Unit Study, our Morning Meeting has a frog theme as well. We may greet each other with a froggy greeting such as hopping over to someone in the circle,  "Ribbit, Johnny." Johnny then hops over to someone else to greet the same way until all the children have been greeted. The morning message will be about frogs, the activity will be frog themed, we may share about our experiences visiting the frog pond or discuss our expectations of when we visit the frog pond later in the day.

In this article I will be describing one of the frog themed songs we sing for our Frog Unit Study Morning Meeting Activity.

How to create a Frog Song

Adapting a song to the Frog Theme

I search for and collect frog songs to enhance learning throughout our frog unit study. The other day I was singing "All God's Critters Got a Place in the Choir" with my K-1 class went it occured to me that it too could be adaped to the frog theme. What if at the end of the song instead of "clap their hands ..." we just chanted the sounds that frogs make "ribbit, ribbit ribbit..." to the rhythm. Clapping is so much fun that we just added the frog sounds to the claps.

Then we needed to change the words of the song to fit the frog theme.

All the frogs got a place in the Choir,Singing Frogs

Some sing lower and some sing higher,

Some sing out loud on the lily pads

And some frog peep in the trees. Peep, peep, peep etc.


The next verses might end with:

And some frogs call from the reeds. Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit, etc.

And some frogs call from the shore. Croak, croak, croak etc.

And some frogs chant on the log. Chugarum, chugarum, chugarum. etc.

The Frog Choir

Let's Sing about Frogs


Frog Song

Once the children get the hang of singing the new frog song, we start creating the Frog Choir. When the children first came into the classroom they went right over to the Morning Message where they were instructed to place their names into one of three categories depending on how many syllables were in their names. These groups became the Spring Peepers, the Leopard Frogs and the Bullfrogs.

We can now use these groups to quickly divide our class into three groups for singing the frog song. Ask the three kinds of frogs to find their groups then we begin the song. When we get to the final part of the verse the Spring Peepers call out in a high frog voice, "peep, peep, peep" etc.The Leopard Frogs call out in a medium frog voice, "ribbit, ribbit, ribbit" etc. The Bullfrogs call out in a low frog voice, "Chugarum, chugarum, chugarum"


Photo Credit: Frog Cartoon
From Karen's Whimsy


Frog Themed Morning Meeting Message

Start your day with a Frog Themed Morning Meeting Message
Frog Themed Morning Meeting Message
Frog Themed Morning Meeting Message
Created by Evelyn Saenz

The Frog Unit Study

Extending the Frog Themed Unit Study

Frog Unit Study
Here is the overview of the whole frog unit study. Be sure to hop over to this toadally awesome page for daily updates. You will find suggestions for frog bulletin boards, frog books, frog math, science, social studies, language arts, physical education, art, music and much more all with a frog theme.

Frog Clipart from WPClipart
Adding pictures of frogs to your wall charts help children remember the words to the songs and poems we sing and read together.

Frog Song Inspiration

Where did the frog song come from?

Before you begin teaching your children the frog song, you might like to begin with the book and song that inspired this frog choir. The music for learning the tune is written in the back of the book. Read and sing the song, All God's Critters Got a Place in the Choir with your children many times over a period of days, weeks and months so that they know the song very well. Then when you are ready to begin your unit on frogs they will quickly be able to adapt the words to the tune.

The Song that Inspired our Frog Choir

Learn the tune for the Frog Song
All God's Critters Got a Place in the Choir (Picture Puff...
$5.98  $47.62

Leapfrog Greeting

Frog Themed Morning Meeting Greeting for the Responsive Classroom

For the Leapfrog Greeting, form a circle and crouch down like frogs sitting on lily pads. The first child leaps over each person in front of him. When he gets back to where he started he turns around and greets the next child who has been leaping behind him and then turns back around, crouches down like a frog until everyone is back on their lily pads.

Would you be singing Peep, Ribbit or Chugarum in the Frog Choir?

Your choice depends on the number of syllables in your first name.
  Display results
Peep for one syllable, ribbit for two syllables and chugarum for three syllables.

What is Morning Meeting?

Morning Messages in the Responsive Classroom

Morning Meeting at the Responsive Classroom
Responsive Classroom Morning Meetings are daily gatherings that usually take place at the beginning of the day. Teachers and students gather in a circle for a twenty or thirty-minute meeting...

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ohme on 07/29/2012

What fun! I know the children must love being greeted each morning by the frog. I have a favorite Frog Song called Gack Gunk went the Little Green Frog One Day!

Rose on 07/17/2012

What a great idea for lessons! I bet children absolutely love it!

ohcaroline on 07/31/2011

Great lessons to learn about frogs and other critters.

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