From Babies to Baby Boomers, the Added Impact of Disposable DIapers

by rabbitagent99

BIrth rate is not the only impact of disposable diapers. As baby boomers age, the ecological impact of diapers will reach a new high.

The United State’s Baby-boomers, children in daycare, and fast paced society craving convenience are increasing environmental impact of disposable diapers cloth diapers eliminate the environmental impact of disposable diapers and they are also an innovation in convenience.
Daycare Centers and women in the workforce are creating demand for disposable diapers, that place trash and sewage into landfills. Typically daycare centers, in the U.S., are not able to accommodate a diaper service. Daycare workers, in the U.S.are overburdened with low pay and caring for children making them unwilling and unable to take the time to rinse feces out of diapers.

The ever-increasing number of aging baby boomers is an even greater impact on the adult diaper industry. As the baby-boomers age and lose control of bodily functions the demand for diapers increases. Members of the Baby-Boomer generation are not just people aging in mass numbers. This generation is demanding as much independence as possible. Adult diapers allow adults to live independently for longer and the industry is responding by having a wider selection of adult diapers available. The adult diaper industry openly advertises thus reducing stigma on this type of hygiene product. There are even mail order options in case someone is too self-conscious to shop for diapers at the drugstore. It is important to consider the global impact of adult disposable diapers when choosing diapers for our babies.

Another increase in the demand for adult diapers is the increasing life expectancy of elders. Better health care is improving longevity and elders are taking better care of their health.  My objective with this article is to spread awareness about an environmental issue that may not have occurred to us. 



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The baby boomers are living longer and more independently
The baby boomers are living longer an...

The bad news for everyone is the ever-increasing environmental impact of diaper waste. biodegradable means nothing in the landfill as we discovered in the 80s and 90s. The fecal impact on the environment is more scary than most folks want to face. Parents of infants, adults needing diapers and caregiver for adults compromise the environment in exchange for convenience.

The task of parenting is the greatest challenge of adult life and seeking convenience is a natural impulse, especially for working parents. We need to seriously consider the environmental impact that our babies will ultimately have to pay for in their adult life.


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Today, just like anything else we throw away, the choice of diapers has become both a moral and wellness choice for us, our families, and the world.
Updated: 05/02/2016, rabbitagent99
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