Managing and Preventing Hypertention

by rabbitagent99

This article is a guide for doctors and patients with high blood pressure describing practical steps a patient can take to reduce their blood pressure.

Most of the lifestyle adjustments required to lower blood pressure are based on common sense, yet it is difficult to help patients make these changes. Many patients with critically high blood pressure have stress factors that can't be cured with medication. Part of the task of supporting the patient is to help them manage these stress factors so that blood pressure does not reach dangerous levels.

Physical Activity and Psychosocial Support

When the patent needs a safe exercise program, a family walk or activity after dinner will have a positive impact. Not only is the walk or activity aiding in pumping blood to the heart, but the stress reduction of walking and quality time with family will also help manage blood pressure. A domestic partner can fulfill the same role. If the patient lives alone, they can participate in walking, hiking clubs, take a dance class, or other type of fun activity. Psychosocial support coupled with moving the body will optimize blood pressure support. 

Animal Therapy
Animal Therapy

All animals have a healthy effect on blood pressure. Dog adoption and care has an added health benefit of exercise and socializing during dog for walks. At the same time, animal shelters need volunteers to walk dogs awaiting adoption

Animal Support

Interaction with animals has been  proven to improve health and reduce blood pressure. Ideally, health premiums would be reduced for people with domestic animals in their home. Folks who are not able to have pets still have therapeutic opportunities volunteering at animal shelters and horse sanctuaries, and pet sitting.

All animals have a healthy effect on blood pressure.Dog adoption and care has an added health benefit of exercise and socializing during dog for walks. At the same time, animal shelters need volunteers to walk dogs awaiting adoption. Horse sanctuaries often need riders to help rehabilitate their horses.

If you are considering adopting a pet, please make sure you receive as much guidance as possible about the responsibility involved. Make sure that the level of care, commitment and vet expenses are within your ability. Animals provide tremendous stress relief, and at the same time lack of preparation can cause patient to be overwhelmed. A reputable shelter or rescue will guide you through the process.


Diet and Heart Health

There is way too much pressure put on the perfect diet and part of that pressure is all the different ideas about what this means. Simplicity and common sense are the key to patient participation. Changes need to be gradual, without being drastic, so the patient does not feel overwhelmed. For example, if the patient drinks coffee, it isn’t always necessary to eliminate coffee for being a stimulant. Instead of elimination encourage modification and moderation. If the patient drinks multiple cups of coffee, how about a high quality swiss water process decaf?

Sodium is naturally present in many foods.  By adding salt to food we could be increasing our sodium intake by far too much. Instead of keeping a salt shaker on the table, taste your food first. If it needs salt measure a quarter of a teaspoon, so that you can track added sodium. There are healthier alternative to flavoring food like lemon, rice or wine vinegar, and even granulated kale. Herbs and spices like cardamom, turmeric, rosemary, and sage add flavor and have added health benefits. 

Another aspect of diet is that it is more appealing to add dietary elements then impose deprivation. Optimal patient support is most likely a list of foods that have been proven to lower cholesterol and are good for the heart muscle and recipes. If patient craves greasy donuts that are bad for the heart and cholesterol how about a high fiber homemade chocolate brownie with walnuts?

Diet modifications can also apply to cooking that is traditionally contains foods that threaten the heart. For example traditional mexican food uses lard, but heart healthy olive oil, avocado oil or safflower oil will also work. Soul Food can also be modified to take out excess animal fats and excess salt.




Fit 2 Stay Fit 4 Life

Learning about the anatomy of the human heart is a positive step
Learning about the anatomy of the hum...

Finally, an effective means of managing blood pressure is developing an awareness of the human heart. An appreciation for the anatomy of the heart muscle and how it works is motivation to make changes to protect this precious gift.

Please use the comment section to add your own advise about caring for you heart and reducing blood pressure. Has something worked for you?

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rabbitagent99 on 02/13/2016

Wow! Hawthorn berries also boost metabolism! I buy them in bulk at the health food store and make tea; I use other herbs, so I haven't noticed a bad taste. This is an inexpensive route and to get the most extraction out of herbs I boil them into a decoction and cut the bitterness with an apple or apple juice.

Mira on 02/13/2016

Interesting. Hawthorn (leaves and berries) is very popular here as a naturopathic treatment of various heart conditions, on its own or alongside allopathic medicine.

frankbeswick on 02/13/2016

Hawthorn berries, or tablets made from them, have the effect of lowering blood pressure, though I am unsure about the doses required to make a significant effect. You would be better off taking the tablets, as hawthorn berries contain a stone large in relation to their size and are not very tasty.

rabbitagent99 on 02/12/2016

Thank you! Thank you Frank for adding a really great point. Hope others will follow!

Mira on 02/12/2016

You made some great points here. I'm sharing your article on Pinterest.

frankbeswick on 02/12/2016

This is good advice. I would add that to keep own hypertension [which I suffer] adjust your lifestyle to avoid as far as possible stressful situations.

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