Why am I Always Cold?

by AbbyFitz

Have you wondered this, too? I am sick and tired of the men in my life telling me there's something wrong with me. I did some digging and found out I have nature to blame.

Does this sound like your relationship?

Her: Why are you turning the air on? I'm freezing! Get your hands off of that thermostat!

Him: I'm burning up. It's 75 degrees in here. Why are you cold? There's something wrong with you.

Her: It's cold, do NOT touch that thermostat!

The differences between men and women are not always about communication or the different ways they each handle problems.

Men, it's not all in her head. She has good reason to feel the cold more than you.

Women, you're not going nuts. You're probably not anemic. There's nothing wrong with you. It turns out there is a physical reason why you feel colder than he does.

So yell at your man to come read this article so you both can learn why you feel cold all the time and buy the best items on the market to warm you up.

I'm Not Crazy, Just Cold!

Women's feelings of cold have a scientific basis

The argument above is not unlike many I have had with my son or husband. It aggravates them because I always want the heat on or keep the air off.

It aggravates me because I can see for myself that it's 75 degrees in the house. I shouldn't be cold at that temperature, yet I'll put a jacket and socks on and even crank up the heat when they aren't paying attention.

After having blood tests to rule out anemia or anything fatal, I thought I was going nuts. I mean, it's just not normal.

Then the relationship gods smiled on me. I came across a medical article that said, no, you're not crazy, you're a female. It's normal. You should have seen me waving it in my husband's face.

Bundle Up, It's Below 75
Woman in Overcoat

Why Women Feel Colder Than Men

Women have a higher percentage of body fat

It's not fair, I know. However, this allows women's bodies to conserve more heat in their core. It keeps our insides nice and toasty and that's great. But in doing so, it pulls the blood away from our extremities, which results in cold hands and feet. And when your feet and hands get cold, that generally makes you feel cold all over.

So why are women made with this amazing ability to freeze, guard the thermostat, and make everyone who lives with them miserable?

It comes down to the body fat issue again. Men are just leaner than women. Women typically have nearly twice the amount of body fat than that of a man.

When it gets cooler, blood gets pulled away from the skin and it must go under the woman's fat layer. In men, they just don't have an even distribution of fat, and the blood stays closer to the surface, which is why they always feel warmer.

Fun Fact About Men and Women

Even with women's complaints of feeling cold all the time, they have a warm heart.


A recent study found that women have a higher core temperature than men. A woman's core temperature is nearly a complete degree higher than a man's.

What to Do For Cold Feet

Turns out there's plenty of products to keep those toes toasty

How can you keep your feet warm?I hate having to wear high heels to work when my feet are cold. Okay, I hate having to wear high heels to work period. I'd rather stay home in my snuggy socks. 

When you feel cold at work all day, sometimes it can make your job seem unbearable. 

I have discovered an amazing product called Grabbers Foot Warmers. It's an insert, and they are actually thin enough to slide into a woman's high heel shoe. The best part about them is it stays warm for up to five hours.

When you're at home and can relax, try out an electric foot warmer. Just plug it in, sit back, and prop your feet up and enjoy the warmth.

You could probably get by with stashing this under your desk at work, too. It would take up less space than that heater you've got in your office, and no one would be able to tell it's even there.

Heated Foot Warmers


Reusable Instant Hand Warmer

Uses a natural chemical reaction to keep you warm.

I found these hand warmers at a trade show last year and I absolutely love them. They keep your hands nice and warm, and best of all they are reusable!

Most hand or foot warmers work great, but they're only able to be used once. HotSnapZ can be used over and over again.

So how do they work? Inside each SnapZ is a little disk. To activate them, just pop and bend the disk. HotSnapZ stay warm for about four to five hours. When they cool off, place them in a pot of boiling water for a few seconds. The boiling water reactivates them and they will be ready for you to use.

Eco-friendly hand
$19.99  $15.0

Do You Feel Cold When Everyone Around You is Hot

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AbbyFitz on 02/19/2014

That's sad frank. Being cold constantly can be so miserable.

frankbeswick on 02/19/2014

My 93 year old mother-in law has lost lots of muscle mass and now feels the cold terribly. We have to sit her in a blanket, even at home and certainly at church.

VioletteRose on 02/18/2014

Yes, and I always need socks or blankets while I sleep otherwise I don't feel comfortable. My husband used to get surprised when I say its cold, and I used to put socks for my son also thinking it was cold.

AbbyFitz on 02/18/2014

You're welcome. It's miserable to be cold all the time isn't it?

VioletteRose on 02/18/2014

You are very right about it, thank you for writing this. Many times I had this feeling.

AbbyFitz on 02/18/2014

Thank you Mira!

Mira on 02/18/2014

Never thought about it but your article and Frank's comment make a lot of sense. Thanks for yet another great read!:)

AbbyFitz on 02/18/2014

What was it? I hate being cold.

ologsinquito on 02/18/2014

I went through a few years when I was always cold. My practitioner seemed to think it was my adrenal glands and gave me a supplement to take for a little while. Now the cold doesn't bother me as much.

AbbyFitz on 05/30/2013

It's funny how things hold over from another time

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