Fun and Decorative Kitchen Wall Clocks

by CherylsArt

Are you looking for a battery clock to spice up your kitchen wall? Choose from a variety here, including fruits and vegetables, sunflowers, humorous, and more.

It's nice to brighten up the kitchen with colors, flowers, and or something fun. It's also the perfect place to put up a reminder to eat more nutritiously, and also a place to include a clock with a face on it. Whatever your theme, I've tried to include a little bit of something for everyone. Come on in and browse:

Can your kids and/or grandkids tell time the old fashioned way?

When our daughter was in elementary school, I was rather surprised that she hadn't learned yet to tell time on a face clock.

I realized that there are so many digital clocks and watches around, that she really didn't have that much of an opportunity to practice telling time the old fashioned way.

However, there is hope. I know that at least some of our grocery stores here still have face clocks on their walls.

Clocks can serve up more than just time.

If you would like to encourage eating more nutritiously, clocks with fruits and vegetables are a fun choice. It helps to keep the good stuff in mind.

Diet and nutrition have come to the forefront of people's minds.

We've found out that meat and potatoes was not the staple that it was cracked up to be.

Were you raised with the idea that meat and potatoes represented balanced nutrition? I was. Am I dating myself, again?

Anyway, studies have been done, and observations made; people that eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, have improved health.

Sometimes this insight came about through observation. It was observed that after a war, the survivors health improved, for awhile. During that while, the people ate more fruit and vegetables, there was very little meat. When they started 'growing' more meat again and consuming that, the health numbers then went the other way.

In a study where mice were fed milk as a larger portion of their diet, tumors grew. When the milk was reduced, the tumors shrunk. I've since switched to coconut milk. If you choose a plant based milk, you can choose one that has both calcium and magmagnesium it, for better calcium absorption.

Yellow sunfowers are a cool way to warm up the kitchen theme.

You can choose from a more traditional design or one that is more modern.

Vitamin D is absorbed naturally, from the sun.

Sunflowers remind me of the sun.

Many are bright and yellow, and sometimes orange. Yellow and orange are both warm colors, as is the sun. Plants use energy from the sun, as so do we. A simple flower design can help to brighten up the kitchen, and remind us of the benefits of the sun.

Disclaimer: It is always best to benefit from the sun within reason.

Do you like adding fresh vitamin C to your diet?

A cool reminder are lemon, lime, and orange slices.

Vitamin C is touted to be very beneficial to one's health and well being.

I also believe that natural is better.

Anymore, whenever I felt a cold or whatever coming on, I've upped my fresh fruit intake, namely the juicy ones. I ended up getting healthy quicker, and also with a lot less medicine, if any. More so than in the days when I increased my Vitamin C intake through manufactured vitamins.

I say, give me fresh.

Does your kitchen have a main cook?

Has it become known as so and so's kitchen?

Many homes have a person that does the main cooking. Things done in the kitchen has to meet that person's expectations or requirements. Do you know someone like that?

I don't, but my family may say different. {{grin}} If you choose a personalized clock, I hope that the recipient finds it humorous, so that they'll continue to cook good meals for you. : )

Smiles can generate smiles.

Include a smile with a fun stick figure clock.

Watching babies laugh and make others laugh too.

Watching someone smile can bring more smiles.

The person that came up with a smiley face, wanted to improve the mood in the office. He knew something about the power of suggestion. Let's suggest more smiles.

Check it out for yourself.

Does watching the babies laugh bring a smile to your face?

Did you watch the video?

What happened? Did you find yourself smiling more?

Did you find a clock that you like?

View different designs on Amazon.
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I hope you found a clock that works for you and your kitchen. May you have much laughter too.

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CherylsArt on 09/30/2013

BrendaReeves, thank you. I'm glad that face clocks are still popular, too.

BrendaReeves on 09/30/2013

These are some great ideas for clocks. There are still a lot of the face clocks out there to be purchased.

CherylsArt on 06/26/2013

Sheila, so glad you enjoyed the video. Laughing babies are so fun to watch. The analog clocks are usually more decorative.

sheilamarie on 06/26/2013

I loved the video -- and, yes, it made me laugh! -- especially loved watching the twins.
I like an analog clock, too.

dustytoes on 06/16/2013

I prefer this type of clock. They have so much more character than the digital ones! I have bought a few for my home.

CherylsArt on 06/02/2013

cmoneyspinner, that's a good point. The battery clocks still work when the power goes out. I always use a clock for the time, but decoration is important.

cmoneyspinner on 06/02/2013

Your daughter couldn't tell the time on a face clock? I'm not surprised. Clocks are more for decoration these days than used for time. Oh but I do still think their very practical. Especially the battery operated ones when the lights go out in your house and the digital clocks all start blinking!

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