Fun Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Your Boyfriend

by Mira

Here are some Christmas gift ideas that your boyfriend might enjoy. Includes Grumpy Cat Classical Painting cards, Grumpy Cat Mona Lisa cards, and more useful things.

If you’ve been with your guy for a while, chances are you already have lots of ideas for creative, funny gifts that he will enjoy. In that case, this article on inexpensive or downright cheap gifts that might amuse your boyfriend is not make to replace those, but to add more stocking stuffers ideas to the ones you have already.

It's also meant to help you out if you’ve just met the guy, and you're still wondering about his sense of humor. I know your guy even less, so use the following suggestions at your own discretion. I hope the two of you will have fun this Christmas with your presents!

Some of the following gifts come from Zazzle. It’s a place where you can buy various custom-made products, from T-shirts to coffee mugs and ties, and where you can also make your own products. So if you have a funny picture ready, in two minutes you can attach it to a T-shirt, for instance. But, on the other hand, photos don’t work too well on a T-shirt. Words and drawings, on the other hand, can be quite funny. You have plenty of texts and image (and text) designs to choose from on Zazzle, or you can use your own ideas to create whatever product you wish. Zazzle has some 200+ product types available for customization.

The Rugged Beard

Among the most popular fun and funny items on Zazzle in the rugged manly beard. If you’re tired of that mustache meme, this could be something to carry on the legacy (although the word beard lends itself to less wordplay than mustache), particularly if your partner has decided that now is the time to grow that long beard that seemingly all men look forward to trying at least once in their life. This mug doesn’t look like something that would be funny for more than a few moments, but it can certainly make him laugh this Christmas when he opens that present.

Rugged Manly Beard Mug


Then there’s the Grumpy Cat Classic Painting design. All very campy and rather good. It’s available as a poster, as an iPhone 5 case, on greeting cards, and so on. The owners don’t want to let go of the Grumpy Cat meme that quick. If you’re not familiar with this Internet trope, here’s an article explaining memes briefly and showcasing some Grumpy Cat designs of yesteryear.

This year, besides the Grumpy Cat Classic Painting, the thegrumpycat store on Zazzle has also come up with a Grumpy Cat Mona Lisa design. Maybe you won’t get a print, but decide to get a postcard or a card. It might make your boyfriend smile.

Grumpy Cat Mona Lisa (Greeting Cards)


Grumpy Cat Classic Painting (Greeting Cards)


You can also add your own text to an image of the original Grumpy Cat. If you can’t think of anything you’re terribly happy with, you can search with “Grumpy Cat” on Google images. I found things like “Non” (with a French mustache and beret), “Like a good neighbor, stay over there,” “Excuse me while I do not care” (a mean parting gift?), and so on. You can also check thegrumpycat store on Zazzle for ideas they have already implemented in their custom designs (“Good morning. No such thing” and others.)

The Man / Myth / Legend Mug. Personalize it with your boyfriend's name!


The Man. The Myth. The Legend

If you want to poke a little fun at him, especially if rather than having an oversized ego he’s quite a down-to-earth man that you value for many wonderful qualities, you can give him a mug with his name and the following words underneath: the man; the myth; the legend. It could be a gently humorous way to say that he’s a legend to you for all his quirkiness.

Does your boyfriend spend a little too much time playing computer games or exploring virtual worlds like Second Life? Get him a T-shirt that acknowledges his passion in a humorous way, while also hinting that a bit of change is in order. It says “I went outside once. The graphics weren’t that great.” It’s actually one of the bestselling items on Zazzle this Christmas season. Lots of gamers out there and lots of girlfriends trying to cope with it. Your boyfriend might get a kick out of this T-shirt – and then get started right away on creating some in Second Life.

. . . And Another Nice Gamer Shirt

"I went outside once. The graphics were amazing but the gameplay and storyline were terrible." #commissionsearned

A Great Gamer's T-Shirt

"I went outside once and the graphics weren't that great" (You can choose a man's T-shirt on Zazzle) #commissionsearned

If he likes dogs, he might enjoy a tie with lots of fun cartoons of dogs. 

Get Your Boyfriend a Fun Tie This Christmas. This tie has lots of nice doggie cartoons


Make a T-Shirt, Greeting Card, etc. for Him

You can use a photo of him and whatever text you like. Stuff like “The Boss,” or “The Force is with This One” – anything you’ve seen online that you liked, or any other thing you want. If you have a photo editor, you could crop the photo with a circle, add a Darth Vader helmet. Have fun with it! It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Remember that you can customize most items on Zazzle. So if you pick this image of a lion with a beanie hat, you can, for instance, make the image smaller and add your text to that.

Cool Lion T-Shirt

Cool Lion T-Shirt
Cool Lion T-Shirt

Fun Custom Drink Coasters

If your man loves his wine and he also loves to horse around, there's a beer coaster design on Zazzle which both of you, as well as your friends, might enjoy. I think that small items like this around the house do make living in a certain environment fun. Even if it's only a one-time party thing, it will be worth it.

Remember that you can also make your own drink coaster. You can pick a funny photo you have of your boyfriend, crop it in a circle shape, and you'll have your coaster.

Funny Wine Party Coaster


Retro Owls Scarf


Scarves (Owls?)

Scarves are also a great idea. If you both love owls or if you are night owls, consider getting a pair of owl scarves for the two of you. There are a number of owl designs on Zazzle. One I really like is the one I’m showing here, with these teal birds. If you click on it, you’ll see other designs from the same artist: great drawings of owls, and very nice colors. There’s even an ascii owl, and it’s pretty good! A twin pack of scarves might be a nice way to celebrate your relationship.

Inexpensive and Fun Christmas Gifts for Your Boyfriend for Under 10 and 20 Dollars

Moving now to cheaper fun Christmas gifts for your boyfriend, here’s a pack of bibs with bowties. It’s great for the man in your life who has been a bit of a baby lately.

Manly Baby Bibs – From FancyBibs

Only $18.91

Book of Coupons

If you want to shower some attention on him in a more off-beat way, you can get him coupons saying things like “Breakfast in bed. You choose the menu,” “Good for a weekend getaway,” and so on. If you feel you are not spending enough weekends away, or enough time relaxing together, then this might be a good idea to try. He will receive the book of coupons and take the hint that you would like some things to happen more often in your relationship.

P.S. I checked out the book of "coupons from the heart" again on Amazon and didn't see those pages I mentioned above ("Breakfast in bed," etc.). Whether they're in there or not, this is a fun gift with 16 fun ideas. It might inspire you to make your own coupons.

Coupons from the Heart. 16 Coupons for Him

Only $17.37

Fun Useful Christmas Gifts for Your Boyfriend

The vast majority of men love gadgets. That includes both younger men and older men. Older men love gadgets, too, even if sometimes it's mostly the gadgets of their own youth. But these days technology has become a lot of fun, so many of them enjoy some of the latest offers on the tech market.

JBL Flip 4, Waterproof Portable Outdoor Speaker ( Wireless Bluetooth)

Only $93.08

Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Your Nights Away from Home

If you’re getting your boyfriend multiple presents, you might consider including at least a gadget among them! One of my suggestions is a portable bluetooth speaker, like this one from JBL, which comes with great reviews (4.8 stars out of 54K+ reviews) and is waterproof, since it's meant to be used outdoors anyway. It’s great to take on those weekends away, to create an intimate atmosphere in your hotel room. Don’t settle for cheaper ones with less than excellent sound. It may ruin the mood rather than help it in any way.

Get Him a Gift Card

If you’re planning on getting your boyfriend a series of gifts this year, it might be a good idea to include a gift card among them. You can get it on paper, or you can have Amazon email it to him as a surprise.

Amazon Gift Cards in a Holiday Pop-Up Box


Amazon Gift Card (Email) – Works for any amount between $0.15 and $2,000.00


Wallet with RFID Protection

With RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology allowing your card data to be read without card contact, it’s a good idea to keep your cards in a wallet that protects them from non-contact wireless transfer of data. This aluminum wallet credit card wallet with RFID protection fro Sharkk is a great gift this Christmas. It sells for under $15 on Amazon and it has good reviews. It holds less than a regular wallet and it’s not super sturdy, but on the other hand it’s only $14.99 AND it offers this protection against non-contact data transfer.

Aluminum Wallet Credit Card Holder for Under $10. From Sharkk

Only $3.99

The Popular CM4 iPhone Wallet Q Card Case

If you’re not concerned about making unwanted contactless payments, you might be interested in this kind of case and wallet for your iPhone 12 / 12 Pro. It’s a great accessory when you travel, and don’t need more than three cards and some cash with you. This wallet is designed to fit snugly an iPhone 12 / 12 Pro, offering easy access and screen protection. It also looks and feels great. Those who bought it gave it an average of 4.4 stars out of 5. Note that it comes in several colors.

It’s much sleeker than a regular wallet, and it’s therefore a great choice for a man who carries his wallet and phone in his pockets. If you’re looking for a thin wallet to carry an ID card, a debit card and a credit card, then this is a great choice.

Smartish iPhone12/ 12 Pro Wallet Case

$19.99  $16.37

Happy Holidays and Happy Gift Giving!

I hope this helped a bit. Some of these gifts are certainly inspiring me! I hope they give you some ideas, too. Happy Christmas!

Updated: 11/23/2020, Mira
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Mira on 02/06/2016

I had forgotten about those golf slippers!:) Thank you for stopping by!

DerdriuMarriner on 02/04/2016

Mira, Thank you! These are all great gift ideas. The bib (keeps them from sticking the napkin into the collar), the cup with "the man the myth the legend," and the golf shoe-patterned slippers are perfect.
Also, I like the digital piano because it makes me think of River Phoenix's character in the film "Little Nikita."

Mira on 10/15/2014

Thank you :)

Tehreem on 10/14/2014

Awww i am in love with cool lion tshirt :) pinning all of them

Mira on 12/28/2013

Thank you, CountrySunshine!

CountrySunshine on 12/28/2013

I really like all of these ideas!

Mira on 12/27/2013


MonisMas on 12/26/2013

It's after Xmas now :-(, but these were good ideas!

Mira on 12/21/2013

Thank you, Abby. Christmas can be fun in so many ways. I love to choose gifts for people, and have a drawer and a box where I collect them throughout the year.

Mira on 12/21/2013

Thank you, Shadaan, I hope it will help some girls decide what to get their boyfriends.

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