Fun Summer Activities for Teenagers

by Natasha

Keep your teenage boy or girl busy this summer with these fun summer activities for teenagers.

When the last bell rings and summer is in full swing, the fun will begin. However, if you are a parent of a teenager, the summer may bring about a time of worrying for you. Keeping your teen occupied and out of trouble is likely one of your main concerns. If you fall into this category, the information below will help! Listed below are few fun summer activities for teenagers that are sure to help ease your fears about all the extra time your teenager will have on his hands.

Buy a Summer Pass to the Local Water Park

Teenage Girl Enjoying Waterpark Ride

If you have a water park in the area you live in, you are in luck!  A summer pass to the park will provide the perfect safe place for your teen to hang out with friend and also have a little fun.

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Sports Camp for Teenagers

Many teenagers have a sport that they are passion about. To help keep him busy throughout the summer, provide him with the opportunity to learn more about the sport of his choice. Many colleges host basketball, baseball, and football camps for teenagers.  Attending college camps may also get your teenager thinking about the future as being on a college campus is an interesting experience.

Fun Ways to Make Money for Teenagers

Teenagers like to spend money. Unfortunately, most of them don’t have money to spend.  A fun summer activity for teenagers is finding a job that they will enjoy. Teenage girls may enjoy babysitting or helping out at the local car wash for extra cash. Boys may enjoy helping out on a farm or mowing grass for neighbors.  Money talks! Allow your teen to do what he enjoys and make money at the same time.

Teenage Girl Shopping

Once they make the money, they will want to spend it quickly. Shopping at the mall is a fun summer activity that your teenagers are sure to enjoy.  Weekly trips to the mall will give them something to look forward to and also allow them to spend time with their friends. It is a safe place to drop your teenager off and know that they are safe.

Movies With Friends

The movie theater is also a popular place for teenagers during the summer.  Chaperone trips to the movies for your teenager and his or her friends.  This fun summer activity will help pass time and keep your teenager out of trouble.  Attending the matinee show will be much cheaper.

Keeping your teenager busy throughout the summer months may be a challenge, but is worth your time and effort.  The less free time they have on their hands, the less likely they will be to get into trouble or explore things that they really do not need to.  What fun summer activities for teenagers will you allow your child to take part in? Keeping them busy is the key! 

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