Celebrations Will Be Many Once Things Get Better

by blackspanielgallery

Once the pandemic passes people will celebrate. It will be a time worth looking forward to.

Once the pandemic is past many will celebrate. Some people will celebrate missed holidays, such as Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter, others will celebrate belated birthdays, and some will celebrate with showers for new brides and for babies.

One thing that seems likely at this time is it will be spring, or maybe summer. Outdoor cookouts will occur. Perhaps family reunions will be more plentiful than normal. People will just gather and celebrate.

One thing times of concern do is bring nations together, so national pride celebrations will be likely. In some cases, such as for the French, the timing of Bastille Day may be fortuitous, or perhaps not. We shall see. Or will Independence Day in the United States follow the end of the problem period?

Getting Ready

One thing about any celebration is anticipation often is the greatest source of joy.  So, searching for items one might need and buying them can itself be a fun start, even though the date of the event cannot be set.


For an article on outdoor gatherings look below.


Grilling baskets are great at problem solving. Grilled food is less likely to break apart, loss due to food falling into the fire is reduced, and cooking becomes more uniform.

What Should We Prepare for?

Well, missed birthdays, especially birthdays for children, must be scheduled.  One thing we will need to remember before scheduling any birthday party is there will be conflicting parties.  Once things are again safe getting a date for a party will be problematic.  Yes, you can schedule when you want to have your party, but if the same guests are invited to multiple parties for the same time there may be a great disappointment. 


Some weddings are being rescheduled, others are occurring with just a few in attendance.  Whether a wedding is now or delayed, the receptions are all delayed.  This causes an added problem of reserving a venue.  The venue cannot be reserved now, for we have no idea when a reception will be possible.  The dilemma is some venues are scheduled years in advance, and not all future events have yet to be cancelled.  So, finding an available venue once it is time to hold an event is a real difficulty, especially when focusing on when the invited guests will be available without conflict.


Whether a wedding will have happened, or a birth will have occurred, showers will also be plentiful.  While small venues are easier to find, there may still be the same problems as for scheduling a reception.


Below are some articles that might be helpful.

Party Articles

Having a successful birthday party for a boy is easy. Just use party supplies and decorations foe a theme that the child likes.
Rubber Ducky is a fun toy that can be nostalgic for adults and enjoyed by children. This is why it is an excellent party theme, both for pool parties and other parties.
Bridal shower ideas must include the decorations that are used, and the invitations that are sent out. Decorations make the event a real happening that will be remembered.

Nation Pride Themed Parties

It is not likely most people like everything about their government.  Politicians often have a hand is keeping a lack of harmony going by going too far to appease a base.  But there are times when people focus on unity.  I suspect the future will be such a time.


Finding material for a patriotic party is possible for those in the United States, and I suspect the same is so in other countries.  If not, Zazzle is an excellent source of such items.  One can find paper plates, paper napkins, and even table scatters as decorations.  Flag decorative coasters are also available.  I cannot show all of the possibilities here, but you can navigate away from the items once you get to Zazzle using the product search.


Below are also a few articles that include items for selected countries.

National Celebrations

Having the right party supplies will make your Independence Day celebration a more pleasant experience.
There are days when a patriotic theme party is a must, and using the patriotic party supplies and decorations can really help.
Whether celebrating Australia Day, a territorial holiday, or any other patriotic occasion, Australian party supplies help make a statement of pride in the celebration.
Celebrate occasions of British pride with a patriotic party using Union Jack decorations.


Prepare now.  The preparation be most of the fun.


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The introduction image is our own Zazzle product.

Updated: 04/12/2020, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 11/12/2020

Some people will place small decorations, perhaps as simple as confetti, on a table to enhance the decoration.

DerdriuMarriner on 11/12/2020

blackspanielgallery, Thank you for the practicalities and products.
What is table scatter?

blackspanielgallery on 04/13/2020

Here we are given tracks locally and nationally. It appears to be slowing. The problem people have is the lead time, infected people can take up to a couple of weeks to show any symptoms. So when they are asked to do something it is not clear to them it is working, for initially the graphs keep rising. But after weeks it may be changing.
I know after they reopen it may be time before getting a table at a restaurant, since so many will go. But people will go back to celebrations, and things will get to a positive place again.

frankbeswick on 04/13/2020

I concur with Veronica on this matter.

But your positive outlook is well-founded, for there have been dark times, such as the Black Death and Spanish Flu, when it seemed that the horrors would never end. Yet end they did. Looking at the graphs, I discern a slowing of the increase in cases in the UK.

Veronica on 04/13/2020

What a lovely positive post. Here in the Beswick - land , we had so much to look forward to this year, including Frank's birthday in June. However, the family baptism, 1st communion are all postponed and several events too.

I had already said that we would have lots of celebrations when this is all finished and your post makes me feel more positive. Thank you for all these ideas.

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