Amazing Grilling Baskets

by blackspanielgallery

Grilling baskets are great at problem solving. Grilled food is less likely to break apart, loss due to food falling into the fire is reduced, and cooking becomes more uniform.

A few years back I was wandering about a store while my wife shopped, and I came across a display of grilling baskets. The ones I found were designed for hamburgers. What a wonderful product. I thought these could come in handy when people are outdoors grilling. For many of us this might be in the spring before it gets too hot, and again in the fall before it gets too cold.

Grilling Baskets Solve Problems

Why would a person use a grilling basket?  Well, they offer several advantages over just placing the food directly on a grill. 


Flipping is faster and more efficient.  Six burgers can be flipped all at once, which makes your time near the heat of the grill much less.  You simply turn the basket over and the job is done.  Perhaps I should explain that many grilling baskets are like food cages that lock closed with the food immobilized.  The basket is often at the end of a long, insulated handle.  You simply grab the handle and rotate until what was the top becomes the bottom.  This means all the food flips simultaneously so you do not get some burnt and some half raw food.  The food cooks equally, and that is for each side.  Which also means you do not have to remember what was flipped and which pieces are still to be handled.


Many baskets are coated so they have non-stick surfaces.  This makes cleaning them after a use easy.  So, add your barbecue sauce and do not worry about later as long as it does not drip below the basket.  The grill below still might need cleaning, just much less than it would ordinarily need.


They do not require a tool to be worked beneath the food, so the food does not break up so easily.  Nor would you stick a fork into the food.  So, the final result is food that is in better shape than if placed directly on the grill. 


The mesh is more likely to prevent the food from penetrating the basket as it will the openings on the grill.  Food does not need to be pried free risking breaking the food up further with pieces dropping into the fire below.


These grilling baskets are real problem solvers.

The Burger Basket

The burger basket typically holds four or six burgers.  If you need more than one, fine.  Most grills can hold several.  You get four burgers per basket uniformly cooked, and they all cook in the same time.  You can truly control the quality of your grilling.  And, if your burgers are to be sliders, well there are grilling baskets for that too.

The Fish Basket

Fish easily breaks up when flipped using a barbecue tool.  But, several pieces of fish in a basket designed for grilling fish makes the job as easy as turning a basket over, while not damaging the fish.  Fish baskets are thin enough that the pieces of fish do not fall and become damaged.

The Corn Basket

Corn is lined up with each ear in its own section of a special basket designed for corn.  Just looking at the basket one can easily see its purpose.  And, in addition to other advantages, the corn will not roll about.  This assures proper turning of the ears of corn.

The Kabob Basket

Kabobs can be placed in baskets that have compartments for each kabob.  The same basket might also be used for sausage and hot dogs, although there is a sausage basket for these.  Again, the basket is compartmentalized so the food is prevented from rolling about.

The Vegetable Basket

Vegetables are placed in a deep, open basket.  In fact, small food like shrimp or other items can be placed in the basket.  The basket is shaken occasionally.  These baskets are not rotated, and they do not come with the long handle, so have some way to grab the basket and give it a shake every so often.


Grilling can be more easily enjoyed, and perhaps will be done more often, when both the cleaning time and effort are reduced, and the food comes out intact and uniformly cooked.



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Updated: 12/20/2019, blackspanielgallery
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CruiseReady on 08/25/2015

You have introduced a great idea for the outdoor cook, for sure! I particularly like the baskets for corn and kabobs. Those are way cool.

blackspanielgallery on 08/25/2015


candy47 on 08/25/2015

Grilling baskets are a time-saver for sure, especially when cleaning the grill. Each food in a separate basket, just like cooking on the stove. Great idea!

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