Australian Patriotic Theme Party

by blackspanielgallery

Whether celebrating Australia Day, a territorial holiday, or any other patriotic occasion, Australian party supplies help make a statement of pride in the celebration.

Australia Themed Party

Whether it is a celebration of Australia Day in January, or any other celebration of Australian pride, having a party with the Australian Flag motif is possible. One might well have to look to find Australian Flag decorations, but they do in fact exist, and can be found. So, why not make that celebration truly represent your pride in Australia?\\

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Party Supplies


Whether it is an indoor party or an outdoor event you certainly will have food and drink.  Food must be served on something, and Australian Flag plates bring the patriotic theme right to the table.  An accompanying napkin is also a necessity.  As for drink, and there must be some form of drink served, there seems to be a difficulty in finding Australia Flag cups, but serving a solid color or clear plastic cup on an Australian Flag theme coaster is possible.  And, if those beverages are to be carried about, or if coasters are not what you like, beverage napkins are great.  In fact, as people walk about with a beverage it is inevitable that some will splash over the top of the cup, and that napkin held between the fingers and the cup keep the hands dry.


I have found little on Amazon, so I decided to help fill the need on Zazzle.  Shown below are some items from one of my Zazzle stores, Australian Flag plates, napkins, and coasters.  The items all have options.  The plates, once viewed, reveal both seven and nine inch plates are available.  The napkins come in standard lunch and in cocktail sizes, with each size having a cornered option.  The coasters come in square and round.  And, as it always is with Zazzle, you are allowed to customize the products.  So, if you wish to have Australia Day in a certain color, size, and font on the item you can simply add it.  You can also customize to make your item territory specific.

Australian Flag Paltes

Available in Two Sizes

Australian Flag Napkins

Options Available

Australian Flag Coasters

Also Available in Round

Fun Foods

Cakes and Cupcakes

There simply must be desert, and if that includes a cake or cupcakes the decorative theme must be carried through.  Edible cake icing that will really make a statement is available from Amazon.  As for cupcakes, adding picks to them is a nice way to decorate.  Small Australian Flag picks are available for this purpose.  In fact, if you buy a large pack of Australian Flag picks you can also use them as decorations.

Party Decorations

Make the Venue Look Nice

Not many decorations are possible, but hanging flag strings do exist.  Add one or more strings of hanging flags to establish the theme, then make the place look nicer with other party decorations, such as swirls in appropriate colors.

Food Preparation

Grilling on the Barbie

Grilled food is a crowd pleaser, and whether your party is indoors or outdoors, grilling may have a featured role in it.  For best grilling use grilling baskets.  Whether its a generic basket for most food types, or specialty baskets for burgers, fish, corn, and kabobs, a grilling basket allows flipping the entire batch to be done simply by turning a long handle and placing the basket down again.  All of the food cooks at one rate, none of it falls into the fire, and you stay back from much of the heat.  Non-stick baskets are also easier to clean.  Vegetables do require a deeper basket that is occasionally shaken.



Decorate the Cook

Looking the Part Can Be Fun

Yes, even the cook can add to the atmosphere.  Wear a beautiful Australian Flag apron and not only be the cook, but become part of the decorations.  And, that apron will protect your clothing when you are at the Barbie adding your special touch, whether it is a seasoning, sauce, or your cooking touch.


Make the event an enjoyable one down to the last detail, and people will remember your parties are the ones they look forward to attending.  

Australian Flag Apron

Decorate the Cook

Special Coolers

Serving Cold Food and Chilled Beverages

Inflatable coolers are available in shallow and deep styles.  The shallow coolers are used to chill buffet food, such as salad and chilled seafood.  The deeper coolers are used to pack cans and bottles in ice, and keep the beverages cold.



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blackspanielgallery on 09/03/2021

Thanks for visiting.

DerdriuMarriner on 07/31/2021

blackspanielgallery, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.
Your party suggestions are wonderful for Australia appreciation day ... and for Brazil! Sete de setembro (Sep. 7th) is right around the corner, and I love the flag motif. The Brazilian flag preserves the night sky as it was when that beautiful country transitioned into a Republic and, like Australia, sports the Southern Cross. Your flag motifs would be spectacular for a Brazilian patriotic-themed party. Thank you!

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