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Pumpkins can be real fun especially on Halloween.Find out how this exotic fruit can help create the magic touch for the festive season with orange brush-strokes and crafty cartoons

How do you draw a pumpkin’s cartoon? Getting the basics of any cartoon is the key of making it funny, fierce or spooky. Cartoons are about emotions, how well you can display the feelings from the caricatures. Every one of you agrees that a picture is more descriptive than words; a narration of hundred words cannot describe something simple as a picture can.

A cartoon is something that is superlative, it exaggerates the peculiarities or defects of folks or items to an extent that it becomes ludicrous, laughable and enjoyable. So your subject matter should be the laughing stock of an audience targeted. You must have seen brilliant caricatures of political figures in your morning newspapers that can give you real inspirations.

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Pumpkin Coach Metal Carriage Garden Art

Pumpkin Coach Metal Carriage Garden Art

Funny Halloween Pumpkins


There is no shortage of subjects and characters while drawing Halloween art and crafts. When it comes to spookiest things there is no dearth of subjects. You can focus on pumpkins and witches, jack 0’ lanterns, jokers, ghost and ghouls. You can also draw cats, bats, creepy spiders, vampires and owls for Halloween. Working on the cartoon’s expressions will require some practice and in the end, it should convey what you want to convey.

Fun Halloween Cartoon Pumpkins


Growing up, I always loved to draw, if I had a pencil and paper; there it went with all sorts of forms and patterns appearing on the canvas. If you too are itching to carve your creativity on the Halloween canvas, this is the chance. In fact Halloween is such an ideal subject to draw, you are never short of categories. You can draw the scary animals, spiders and bats; you can focus on ghouls and goblins. Or if you like witches and cauldrons, try using your newly learned techniques with them. You can even choose your style – vintage or modern, free and contemporary, still or animated.


It is on this day that folks all over the world pay homage in their own special way to all things monstrous, ghoulish, creepy and gory. So you can do that by drawing pumpkin’s cartoon and decorate your home with these cartoons hanging and playing around.

Have you used pumpkin for fun Halloween crafts?

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PeggyHazelwood on 10/18/2014

Yes, cutting out construction paper pumpkins is a right of passage, isn't it?

ologsinquito on 10/13/2014

Yes, pumpkins are so versatile. I love the pictures and examples you used.

How do you Draw a Pumpkin’s Cartoon?


Ready to draw some Pumpkin Cartoons? One thing's for sure, you will definitely love this exercise, pumpkins can be given almost any expression just like a human face, and the round sweet gourd can be manipulated in many ways. Just stick to the basics and don’t distort the face too much, otherwise it will look anything else other than pumpkin.


While drawing, it will help if you choose a symmetrical shape like circle or square. It is not absolutely essential; you can also choose an oval shape. But stick to a shape, play around the expressions and then change the form. For a circle you need a compass, a circular ring or a small bracelet to get the perfect shape. Once you form the impression on the construction paper, you can taper the sides to get the oval shape. Square is easy to draw, Get the perfect shape with scale and protractor for exact 90 degrees angle on its four sides.


Once you have carved your favourite shape, draw the expressions. Give a circular or a curved mouth. Play around with the nose, a straight line a “T” or “I “' to make it look straight, nosey or crooked. Make the eyes in different shapes, and use the eyeballs to display fun, anger or any other expression.

Once you are familiar with the patterns and feelings, you can try the more complex ones.

Learn Pumpkin Shapes from YouTube

Spooky Pumpkin Crafts


Enjoy drawing patterns and expressions on your pumpkins. Decorate them as pumpkin magnets on your refrigerator, Wall decals, table centerpiece and as garden flags. Use colours freely to enhance your pumpkin whether they are real or on paper. Make them extra spookier this Halloween. Don’t forget to experiment with different pencils and stencils.

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Are you going to use pumpkin this Halloween?

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PeggyHazelwood on 10/18/2014

I like the look of all gourds for fall decorations.

ologsinquito on 10/13/2014

We usually get a pumpkin, but no longer decorate it because my children have passed that point.

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