Functional Star Trek Kitchen Gadgets and Accessories

by kajohu

If you're a Star Trek fan, you'll enjoy using these Star Trek gadgets and memorabilia around your kitchen.

Are you a big Star Trek fan? Wouldn't it be cool to have a few Star Trek gadgets and implements for your kitchen and dining room? How about a Starfleet titanium spork (what is a spork? -- read on!)? Or a pizza cutter in the shape of the Star Ship Enterprise? How about a U.S.S. Enterprise bottle opener? Or your own set of Star Trek characters drinking glasses?

You can get these cool Star Trek gadgets and more for your own kitchen! You'll amaze your friends and families who are also Star Trek fans!

These all also make great gifts for your favorite Trekkers or Trekkies (which may include yourself!).

A Collection of Star Trek Memorabilia for Your Kitchen and Dining Room

Functional Star Trek Collectibles for Your Dining Pleasure

I've been a fan since halfway through the first season of TOS  ("The Original Series"), and I've enjoyed the rest of the Star Trek television series and movies since then, including the new, re-imagined world of Star Trek in the 2009 Star Trek: The Movie.  So I was excited to find these functional Star Trek items that I can use in the kitchen.  I hope you enjoy them too.

Star Trek Spork

Starfleet Academy Titanium Spork

This Star Trek spork, or spoon/fork, is the "official" spork of Starfleet Academy.  It's made from titanium, which is sometimes called the metal of the future.  Quite appropriate for Starfleet flatware, don't you think?  Titanium is as strong as steel, but lighter, and is resistant to corrosion. 

The Starfleet Spork is lazer engraved with the Starfleet Academy's motto, Ex astris, scientia, meaning, From the stars, knowledge.*

This spork is a fully licensed Star Trek collectible, and comes in special collectors packaging.  You might want to get two -- one to use, and one to save in its pristine, packaged condition!

*Here's a bit of trivia:  Did you know that Starfleet Academy's Motto, Ex astris, scientia is derived from Apollo 13's motto, Ex luna, scientia -- From the moon, knowledge, which in turn is derived from the United States Naval Academy, Ex scientia tridens, meaning From knowledge, seapower (the motto is turned around a little, in terms of overall meaning).

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

"To boldly cut pizza where no one has cut before!"   Okay, that's corny, but still....

This Enterprise pizza cutter is currently a best-seller on, and why wouldn't it be?  This is another great officially licensed Star Trek collectible, invented at ThinkGeek, that's useful as well as visually appealing. 

The cutting blade / Enterprise saucer is made of stainless steel, with NCC-1701 laser etched onto it, while the secondary hull and warp nacelles (handle) is of a zinc-chromium alloy.   Comes nicely boxed.

So sit down with a pizza, and your Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter next time you watch a Star Trek re-run.

Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener

Another Official Star Trek Collectable That's Functional

Pizza and beer are made for each other.   And you've already seen the Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter.   It's logical that you should also use a Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener for your beer.

This officially licensed Star Trek heavy duty bottle opener has a shiny chrome finish with NCC-1701 engraved on the hull.    This sturdy, good quality bottle opener is made to last through 100s of pizza and beer and Star Trek evenings!

Star Trek Salt and Pepper Shakers

I couldn't decide these two pairs of Star Trek salt and pepper shakers, so I'm featuring both below for your viewing pleasure.   You get to decide which is your favorite.  Or maybe you like them both!  Both sets are based on The Original Series, and both are made by Westland Giftware.

The first is the Enterprise and Shuttle Salt and Pepper Shakers made of glazed ceramic.   When they're not in use, they can stay safely docked together with a magnet insert (as in this image).   The shuttle is the Galileo.  Height is about 2".

The second is a Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock Salt and Pepper Shaker set.  These are also fun and functional shakers made of glazed ceramic, and about 4 1/2 inches high.  And these are also magnetized to stay together.

Star Trek Cookie Cutters

Star Trek cookies:  the tasty frontier!

Yes, you too can make Star Trek cookies with these five out-of-this-world cookie cutters!  

This Star Trek Cookie Cutter set is an officially licensed Star Trek collectible, and includes these five cutter shapes:

  • Federation logo
  • Klingon Empire logo
  • U.S.S. Enterprise
  • Phaser
  • Live long and prosper hand sign

These cookie cutters have a spring-mounted die to imprint the designs clearly on your cookie batter.

Great for gifts (the Star Trek cookie cutters OR the cookies!) for any Star Trek fan, or anyone who likes cookies!

Star Trek Live Long and Prosper Oven Mitt

A logical kitchen accessory!

There’s no better way to remove your Star Trek cookies from the oven than with this Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt.  ("Eat cookies and prosper!", “Live long and prosper!”)

Or remove your pizza (that you’ll cut with your Star Trek pizza cutter, above), without burning your fingers, using this mitt designed with the Vulcan symbol of peace and prosperity.   

The exterior of this awesome Spock Oven Mitt is made of 100% cotton, and lined and filled with 100% polyester to protect your hands.  Logical, no?  

This is another official Star Trek collectible design for fans who like to eat without burning their hands.

Star Trek Characters Drinking Glasses

Collectable Star Trek Glasses

Your Star Trek-themed kitchen wouldn't be complete without Star Trek characters drinking glasses.

The first set includes four 12 oz. drinking glasses with frosted and printed images from the 2009 Star Trek Movie.  Characters include Kirk, Spock, Uhura, and Nero.  They come in gift boxes, and they're 6" high and 2.75" diameter.

The second set includes four 16 oz drinking glasses of The Original Series cast, including the characters of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Scotty in full color, with a familiar quote from each character.

To keep both sets looking great, it is best to hand wash them.

Spock Cookie Jar

Oh now, how can you resist this handsome Spock Cookie Jar?  This ceramic cookie jar from Westland Giftware, is another officially licensed collectible, and will look great on your countertop.   And you can keep your favorite cookies inside this well-constructed and nicely painted realistic bust of Spock.  About 10 1/2" tall.  

It's the perfect logical choice of cookie jar for any Trekker or Trekkie!  Hand wash carefully.

If you're up for a little inspired Star Trek goofiness, take a look at the also gives you a good idea of the size of the Spock Cookie Jar

More Star Trek-Themed Items, for Bed and Bath

Star Trek for Bedroom and Bath
Are you a Star Trek fan? Here are some great items that you can use in the bedroom and bathroom, including shower curtains, robes, pjs, and slippers.

Did You Find A Star Trek Kitchen Item That Caught Your Fancy?

What do you think?   Aren't these Star Trek kitchen gadgets and other kitchenware fun and fascinating?   Do you know any Star Trek fan who might get a kick out of these items?  Do you have a favorite?

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kajohu on 06/30/2013

I think the cookie cutters are great too :-0

kimbesa on 06/29/2013

I've never seen those cookie cutters. I want them!

Tolovaj on 09/05/2012

I have a friend who is great fan of Star Trek. Pizza cutter looks like a perfect Christmas gift for him!

fanfreluche on 12/17/2011

The Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter and the Bottle Opener are the coolest gadgets!

Bhavesh on 11/26/2011

Our whole family loves Startrek but we have not invited it into our kitchen yet. That could change, however! Neat ideas.

lakeerieartists on 11/25/2011

I love the pizza cutter and bottle opener. Really fun. I had no idea. :)

Holistic_Health on 11/25/2011

I can pretend to be Captain Janeway while I'm in the kitchen. Fun lens!

Jimmie on 11/25/2011

Live long and prosper! I am a fellow Trekkie. Ilove the pizza cutter. Wow, you have discovered an amazing collection of Star Trek goodies for the kitchen. How about the replicator? Would LOVE that.

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