Functions of Human Resources (HR) Manager

by Natasha

This articles provides an overview of all the functions that an Human Resources (HR) manager has to undertake......

Human Resource Management deals with human resources employed in a business unit and it is the human resource which brings success and prosperity to a business enterprise. So, undoubtedly human resource is one of the most important function of management. So, a human resource manager plays a vital role as he is responsible for the execution of the human resource functions.

List of Functions That An HR Manager Has To Undertake

  • Procurement of Manpower:

    The most important function of an Human Resource manager is to acquire the manpower required by an organisation from time to time. He has to select right man for the right job. He also has to oversee functions like manpower planning, selection, appointment, placement and induction.
  • Development Of Manpower:

    The human resource manager is responsible for the development of manpower. He has to plan and introduce training programmes for all categories of employees. Training programmes are essential for developing the skills and qualities of employees so that they can keep up with the ever changing business environment.
  • Compensation Payment To Manpower Employed:

    It is the function of the human resource manager to pay compensation to employees for the services rendered. There should be a fair system of remuneration payment and remuneration to employees should be attractive. This will ensure satisfaction and minimize disputes.
  • Integration Of Goals And Interests Of Employees And The Orgnanisation:

    This is one of the biggest challenge that the human resource manager has to face. Employees are interested in wage payment while organisation is interested in higher profits. The human resource manager has to reconcile the interest of the employees and the organisation as this will ensure cordial relation.
  • Motivation And Maintenance Of Employees:

    The human resource manager has to create a motivational environment for employees to work. This will improve the quality of production and will reduce the cost. He also has to maintain a stable workforce and keep attrition rate in control.
  • Providing Welfare Facilities:

    Welfare facilities create efficient and satisfied labor force. To introduce new labor welfare facilities and to maintain the existing facilities is one of the function of the human resource manager. Welfare facilities include medical, educational, recreational etc. These facilities are given for raising employee efficiency and also for making their life happy.
  • Maintaining Cordial Relations:

    This function relates to maintaining good relations between management and employees. The human resource manager has to solve employee grievances and manage disputes between management and employees effectively.
  • Other Functions:

    Other functions under Human resource manager includes maintenance of service records of employees, promotions and transfer of employees, career planning of employees, maintenance of discipline etc


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Updated: 02/21/2012, Natasha
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