Games and Activities for Couples

by Sheri_Oz

A hot drink and a game is a great way to pass the time at home on a rainy day. A cold drink and a game is a great way to pass the time on the beach or park.

If couples over 50 years ago may have considered their marriages successful if they raised children that had jobs, got married and had children themselves, this is just not enough for people today. That is only one axis on the satisfaction scale for today's couple, who are now expecting a happy sexual relationship and a close emotional tie where the partner is considered one's best friend with whom one shares secrets and dreams, failures and disappointments, as well as achievements and joy.

What better gift to get for your relationship than a classic game that has stood the test of time!

Elements of Successful Couples Relationships and Games

Games play a part in couples' satisfaction in their own relationship. Research into marital satisfaction over the past 50 years shows that there are changing patterns in the ways in which partners in a couple relate to one another, in their expectations, and, in fact, in the free time they invest in couples and family focused activities.

What is emerging - and this will probably not surprise anyone - is that couples today expect a greater degree of emotional intimacy than did previous generations.

Mastermind - A Challenging Game for Two

Vintage Original Grand Mastermind 1972 " Game of the Year!" by Invicta

1972 Invicta original edition.

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Pressman Toys Advanced Mastermind

It's the ultimate brain game! This advanced version of the classic strategy game is extra-challenging with five peg spaces and eight different colors - that's 59,000 possible ...

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Mastermind Wooden Brain Teaser Game

The classic strategy game of logic and deduction that brings together a code maker and a code breaker, here in a gorgeous wooden version. Mastermind gives each player the ...

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In 1970, an Israeli postmaster invented a board-and-peg version of a much older paper-and-pencil game that challenges one's logic as one tries to decipher the other person's code and he called it, Mastermind. The game became immensely popular and is now a classic.

Here are three versions of the game:

1. The original classic being sold as a vintage copy,

2. Super Mastermind, with 5 instead of 4 pegs, making it even more of a challenge,

3. A smaller traveling set that is easy to take in a purse to the beach or the park.

Scrabble - An All-Time Classic Game

Scrabble Premier Wood Edition

Show off your sense of style along with your passion for word-building fun with this elegant, two-toned wood cabinet that has brass-colored metal accents. Gather your family ...

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When buying a gift for the two of you, you want it to be the best. Most people reviewing this product on Amazon agreed it is superb. It proudly decorates many a table or shelf and its fine finish adds pleasure to the playing. You might want to invite another couple over and have a team challenge!

Cribbage - Another Classic Game for Two (or Three)

Cribbage was first developed in the 1600s in England and has grown to be a popular game in the English-speaking world.It is essentially a card game where points are kept by moving pegs along the wooden scoreboard, called a "crib".

Did You Play "Pickup Sticks" When You Were a Kid?

Channel Craft Pick Up Sticks Game

25 Birch Pick-up Sticks, Instruction Card & Color Canvas Pouch.

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Have lighthearted fun playing a game that hearkens back to childhood. A glass of wine or beer would help UNsteady your hand to make it even more fun. Try not to cheat when your partner sips his or her drink and isn't paying attention!


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Sheri_Oz on 09/28/2012

Scrabble is a great game. I'll meet you for a scrabble challenge. Up for it?

sheilamarie on 09/28/2012

I'm a Scabble aficionado. Unfortunately, my husband doesn't enjoy playing games at all, so I have to drum up games with my women friends or wait for my kids to come home.

Guest on 04/07/2012

You can learn a lot about a person when playing a game.
Good information about couples playing real board and card games. I have always liked UNO,The Game of Life and Scrabble.

katiem2 on 02/04/2012

I love the brain teaser games in fact play them a lot. This is a great idea for couples so glad you brought this to our attention. These are also fun for parents with kids, my two daughter love the brain games too. The other activities are great some I had not thought of.

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