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by Seelyon

Diablo has a special place in my gaming heart so games like Diablo are always a hot topic for me, but which action role playing games are worth your time? Find out on this page.

Diablo has a special place in my gaming heart so games like Diablo are always a hot topic for me, but which action role playing games are worth your time? Find out on this page.

I've had a long and loving connection to the Diablo series, the original was among the very first few games I ever played (at an age I shouldn't have been playing it) and from there I was hooked. Years later I'd get the joy of playing Diablo 2 with friends for hours on end and more recently I got to explore the world of Diablo 3.

Hunting for games like Diablo is an intensive progress, there are plenty of alternatives out there but which ones are actually worth playing if you're a hardcore Diablo fan? That's the problem I aim to solve on this page. If you love Diablo as much as me I'd love for you to share your own experiences with the series and your own recommendations for other action role playing games.

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Path of Exile

The Most In Depth Of The Games Like Diablo

Path of Exile is easily the best alternative to Diablo, it offers the dark atmosphere that Diablo fans crave while also packing in an insane amount of character depth to let you really create your character the way you want.

Exploring the continent of Wraeclast after being washed a shore you'll go from a nobody to a powerful hero in this dark fantasy setting. Combat is exactly like the action role playing games before it with the main appeal being the level of depth that the game gives to players and the free price tag (yes it's a free game like Diablo!)

Class wise you're given 7 different classes that mix and match the three core stats of dexterity, strength and intelligence. Reducing the normal four stat system of most games down to three simplifies this element and opens up options for further depth elsewhere.

After choosing your class you'll get to explore the passive skill tree of the game (often referred to as a forest rather than a tree). These passives are shared by every class but you'll start at a different point on the tree depending on your class selection. So where are your skills in this entire process? They're hiding within items and the gems you socket in them. This system focuses on giving you options to alter skills in all different ways to create something that you like.

It's also got really good PvP features, something that Diablo 3 is still yet to introduce in any meaningful way. So fans of hostile PvP in Diablo 2 will like this option.

Torchlight Series

A Series Of Games Like Diablo

Torchlight offers two games in the series (Torchlight and Torchlight II) that both offer a great action role playing experience that leans more towards a casual audience. It's easy to play the games for a few hours at a time in comparison to other options so for that reason I find it useful when I need a game that can give me an hour break or so.

It's important to note that the first game is a single player only adventure with multiplayer being added in the second game. The series has all the elements to make the game not only a great ARPG but also accessible to newcomers to the genre.

This is achieved with sleek and simple UI designs, pets to run back to town on your behalf and well-designed archetypes that are easy to build but still offer the depth veterans like to explore.

Modding is also a key ingredient of the games success and really vamped it off in the second game that lets you mod till your heart's content if that's your style.

Titan Quest

One Of The Classic Games Like Diablo 2

Every Diablo 2 fan has probably played Titan Quest at some point (I've played it at least 6 times). I have to recommend the core game and the expansion pack (Titan Quest Gold) for the best experience which you can purchase from Amazon below.

The game is best described as a Diablo 2 clone with improved graphics and a mythical setting as opposed to the over done fantasy setting. The setting is something I really enjoyed because I love my mythology and Titan Quest draws from all of the big ones with Asia, Egypt and Greece all making an appearance.

To make the experience even better you've got over two dozen class options to mix and match, thousands of unique items to give you a great item hunt. Multiplayer is also a great affair supporting up to 6 players in a single game, so it's a great option to get your D2 buddies together for a game.

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