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by Seelyon

Fallout is the undisputed king of post apocalyptic gaming but there are still a handful of games like Fallout that are worth playing. As a huge fan of the Fallout series (since the

Fallout is the undisputed king of post apocalyptic gaming but there are still a handful of games like Fallout that are worth playing. As a huge fan of the Fallout series (since the originals) I've played plenty of Fallout inspired games but I only consider a few worthy of playing.

If you love a post apocalyptic setting like me but also want a great story and adventure you'll find something here for you. While this page does include games like Fallout 3 I've also ensured that there is an option for more traditional gamers who are fans of the first two Fallout games.

Got some other great suggestions that you think people should know about? Share them in the comment section a the end of this page, I love a good Fallout related discussion.

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One Of My Favourite Post Apocalyptic Series Of Games Like Fallout 3

If you are on the hunt for games like Fallout 3 that have the FPS element then I recommend the STALKER series. It's got three games in the series and an upcoming MMO (Survarium). The game doesn't have as many RPG features as the Fallout series does and is more about the atmosphere and FPS gameplay. If you're looking for FPS/RPG hybrid games you'll probably want to skip this option.

The STALKER series is the sort of franchise that you absolutely must start from the first game and play them in order. The atmosphere that the changing game world creates over the series is a big part of the game that attracted to me and missing out on this feature would definitely bring down the entire experience in my eyes.

The setting for the series is a radiated area around the Chernobyl power plant which is now known only as "The Zone". This zone has attracted all sorts of different factions with their own agenda. You've got the freedom to join the different factions or stay neutral so you do have plenty of important decisions to make. Additional RPG features come from the artifact system that allows you to find rare objects that have passive stats (from reducing radiation to increasing carry weight and more). Only the rarest artifacts have only postive properties which does create a great hunting element.

The FPS features of the game are also fairly solid and there are countless user generated mods to expand on the game features (which I do recommend investigating to add some replay potential).

If it's a great atmospheric FPS you're after then the STALKER series is definitely my top games like Fallout 3 recommendation.

Fallen Earth

One Of The Few MMO Games Like Fallout

Fallen Earth is an MMO game that has a similar vibe the Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas experience. Being a MMO it has two very obvious advantages over other games in that it is free to play and it's not a single player experience.

The game is set in the year 2156 and in a similar setting to the Fallout games where nuclear war has ravished the Earth and its inhabitants. As one of the lucky survivors you now get to try and survival in this harsh world as you deal with factions, betrayal and various dangers. 

This environment spans a great distance so you truly get an open world post apocalyptic game that is similar in design to the Fallout games. At the heart of this experience is random and dynamic events that encourage you to raid and defend towns depending on your alliances (of which there are 6 to join).

Surviving in this harsh world also requires that you harvest and scavenge everything you can get your hands on and craft them into useful items.

Fallen Earth is one of the perfect games like Fallout 3 out there, it's basically a free to play Fallout MMO and I can't recommend it enough.

Wasteland Series

A Game More Like The Traditional Fallouts

Wasteland was released in 1988 with many of the minds from the game going on to create the successful Fallout series. The game is being revived in Wasteland 2 which is currently in Early Access on Steam (if you buy during this stage you get several extras including a free copy of the original game).

If you're a fan of the first two games in the Fallout series and are looking for games like them either of these games are the perfect option. The first game is probably on the old side for all but the hardcore gamers but the second game brings was made the original so great into more modern times making it more accessible.

The games focus on providing a turn based experience so there is plenty of combat strategy in the games. Story is at the heart of the whole game as is the focus on player choice and then dealing with those consequences. Choice also extends into the way you approach the game with multiple ways to open doors  for example.

Both of these games have a brutal and harsh post apocalyptic setting behind them that presents you an almost hellish landscape where survival is difficult enough let alone thriving in this harsh world.

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