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Ahoy! On this page you'll find other pirates games like Pirate101 that are perfectly for a younger demographic. If you love taking to the high seas you'll enjoy the games that you

Ahoy! On this page you'll find other pirates games like Pirate101 that are perfectly for a younger demographic. If you love taking to the high seas you'll enjoy the games that you find here.

Coming off the success of Wizard101 KingsIsle Entertainment developed Pirate101 which took the best parts of their popular wizard game but introduced a pirate theme and setting instead. It proved to be very successful and now KingsIsle has two very popular genres for children covered, now I'm just waiting for their next game (my money is on Ninja101).

If you love the simple gameplay that Pirate101 offers or just want pirate themed gameplay you'll find an option here. If you are searching for an alternative to Pirate101 because you've accessed all the free content then consider this guide to earning free Pirate101 Crowns so you can keep your pirate dreams alive with new content! Don't forget to share your own recommendations and experiences with games like Pirate101.

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Sid Meier's Pirates

The Best Pirate Themed Game EVER

If it's the pirate theme you're hunting for in games like Pirate101 then you can't go past Sid Meier's Pirates. The game I'm recommending isn't the 1987 version (although it is amazing) I'm recommending the 2004 remake. With the technology the game needed now available the game is a beautiful representation of the pirate lifestyle and it does it all with themes that are more then safe for children.

Starting from nothing and on a quest for your family members you'll travel the seas to improve your wealth, knock off the top pirates, pillage towns, sword fight and more. All of these are elements are extremely unique so the variety is one of the games biggest appeals.

The difficultly is also finely balanced, at the higher difficulties the game is enough challenge for a veteran gamer like myself but the lower difficulties are perfectly suited to younger audiences. I got the best experience from a medium difficulty and playing with a younger cousin, I'd take the lead in the more difficult parts while the more simpler elements were put in his hands and let us co-operate in a really fun way.

Sid Meier's Pirates! - PC

Take2 Games Sid Meier's Pirates! 21839 PC Games

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Puzzle Pirates

Another One Of The Pirate Based MMO Games Like Pirate101

Yar! If ye want another pirate themed MMO then I recommend Puzzle Pirates, a game that blends puzzles and pirates into one. It's a great tool for younger gamers to grow their brain while also enjoying a pirate theme in a safe setting. The game is available for free online but there are also a few apps available that use simplified mechanics.

The depth of the game is twofold, because it's a MMO game the experience is always changing and will require you to adapt. Secondly is the variety of puzzles that you'll have to master that does create quite the learning curve, it isn't a fun one though.

Puzzle Pirates really focuses on co-operative gameplay with the focus generally being around a crew of players leading a pirate ship across the ocean. Customisation and the economy add even more communication aspects to the game as you purchase all sorts of items and deck out your character which creates a great talking point with other players.


One Of The Best Options

Games like Pirate101 are hard to come by, I'll be the first to admit that the genre needs some more really high quality games in this space. For this reason I just had to include Wizard101 on the list. If you are a one of the players that hasn't played the wizard version of Pirate101.

Gameplay is similar to Pirate101 but the world is much larger, due mostly due to to the fact the game has been around so much longer and has had the opportunity to grow. I also think that the character customisation is much deeper with more classes (known as schools) to explore and generally more fun skills thanks to the theme. You'll also want a healthy dose of Wizard101 crowns to access all the games content.

With a huge list of content to explore if you want something that is very similar to Pirate101 but aren't too fussed about the setting then you'll want to make the move to Wizard101.

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