Gecko Christmas Decorations

by Casacicak

Colorful and childproof gecko Christmas decorations for your tree

If you want to bring a touch of the tropics to your Christmas tree, or are looking for fun and child friendly ornaments, then take a look at these gecko Christmas decorations.

These decorations will be guaranteed to add color to your seasonal decorations, and will bring a smile to the face of everyone who sees them.

What's more, you could have them on display them all year round if you wanted to.

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Why choose geckos or lizards as Xmas ornaments?

For the last five years we have lived in the tropics, two years in Malaysia and more than three years in Central America, and this coming Christmas will be our sixth tropical one.

My decorations have always been traditional, but since moving to Central America I have begun to collect more local Xmas ornaments. This is partly because my tastes have changed, and partly because our toddler was born here, and when we eventually move on to pastures new I would like to take a bit of local color with us.

When we first moved to Malaysia I was fascinated by the little house lizards or geckos that hid behind pictures on our apartment wall. The Malaysian call them cicaks, and I loved them so much that I use them for my online name.

Our toddler has grown to love geckos as much as we do. We have lots of gecko ornaments and he can already say gecko and imitate their clicking sound perfectly.

So what could be better than some colorful geckos to decorate our Christmas tree this year. I was not sure if they were available to buy, and was all geared up to make my own, when I found a nice selection available online.

I'm going to share my favorites with you, to see if you love them as much as I do.


Glass Gecko Tree Ornaments

I know that I said I was looking for toddler proof decorations, and yet the first three gecko tree ornaments that I have chosen are made from glass!

However, he won't be a toddler for ever, and I am prepared to buy these three geckos and display them somewhere above toddler amrs reach for a few years.

I love the simplicity of these ornaments. 

The first one is clear glass, with just a hint of red on its Santa hat and gold on its feet - both good traditional Christmas colors.

The green gecko in the middle is made by Old World Christmas, who have a wonderful range of both traditional and modern decorations that are made in the stlye that was popular when I was a kid, back in the 1970's.

The last gecko in this trilogy is crafted from spun glass, and I just know that this will reflect the Chritmas lights on my tree fantastically, in a similar way to cut glass crytal. 

Aren't they adorable?


Resin Gecko Tree Ornaments

These three gecko ornaments are made from resin, which will make them a lot more durable than the glass ones, but still not totally toddler proof.

I love the colors on the first ornament, which has a slightly zingy take on the traditional red, green and gold Xmas colors.

The second gecko is green, and whilst this could get lost against my traditional green tree, it would add an element of surprise as visitors suddenly do a double take as they spot a gecko peeping out of the foliage.

The bottom ornament is actually a light pull, but with a ribbon attached it would equally good as a tree decoration.

New Red Blue Gecko Reptile Pet Lizard Christmas Tree Ornament December Diamonds

New with tag December Diamonds Blue/Red Gecko. life like ornament. Made of resin Christmas tree, mirror or window ornament. Approximately 4.25"X 2.75" X 1.25" inches

View on Amazon

New Green Gecko Reptile Pet Lizard Christmas Tree Ornament December Diamonds

New with tag December Diamonds Green Gecko. life like ornament. Made of resin Christmas tree, mirror or window ornament. Approximately 4.25"X 2.75" X 1.25" inches

View on Amazon

Tropical Gecko Lizard Tiki Bar Ceiling Fan Light Pull

Tropical Gecko Lizard Tiki Bar Fan Light Pull NeW

View on Amazon

Metal Gecko Tree Ornament

Unfortunately I could only find one metal gecko tree ornament.

It is a beautiful combination of gold and bronze, which will fit in fantastically with the decorations I already have.

It is also fairtrade, exquisite and most defintely mine.

This Christmas ornament will be capable of withstanding the tree toppling over atv least once (or should I see being pulled over by inquisitive little fingers) and will last for many more years to come.

Sold, to the woman with the gecko obsession!

Pilgrim Imports Lizard Metal Fair Trade Ornament

A keepsake ornament that you will enjoy year after year.

View on Amazon

Updated: 08/26/2013, Casacicak
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fanfreluche on 09/08/2013

Unusual but why not!

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