Tropical Christmas Wedding Paper and Ideas

by dustytoes

A tropical, destination wedding at Christmas time can be quite the unique event.

Are you one of those couples who wants their tropical wedding to be an extra big bang event by combining it with the Christmas holiday? This sounds like fun, but you may have trouble finding stationery for such a unique celebration. The Sandpiper Wedding site has a variety of tropical Christmas wedding invitation sets.

White starfish with green holly is featured on our Starfish and Holly set. For those who love blue, silver and white, the sand dollar and starfish set may be perfect for your event.

The Wedding / Christmas Combination

christmas tree lightsFor some couples having a wedding on any day that has another special meaning, like Christmas, is out of the question.  They want to keep their day special all on it's own.

Other couples see combining their wedding with a holiday as a double-the-fun type of event.  If you are planning a Christmas wedding in a tropical location, we have some great stationery for you.

It's one thing to have a wedding, which in itself is a big event, but to be brave enough to include another big event like Christmas, makes you unique.

Your Wedding Will Be a Unique Event!

It will require special decorations.

Celebrating the Christmas holiday in a tropical location means doing things a bit differently.  Not many people sip hot cocoa beside the fireplace.  More than likely the windows will be open with a warm breeze blowing.  Add a wedding to this scene and it will require a unique way of decorating to gather all the elements of this theme.

Seashells are beautiful all on their own, and starfish are a popular decoration for a tropical wedding.  Combine any of these with something Christmassy, such as holly and / or poinsettias shouldn't be difficult.

Brightly colored Christmas tree ornaments would also work, and use colors to match your wedding theme. 

Starfish and Holly

Ad Zazzle

Wedding Venues in the South

Many people take warm climate vacations at the holidays so plan ahead.

wedding venue cruise shipUnlike many couples who have holiday weddings in cold, snowy places you may have more choices available when it comes to venues.  I say this because beaches in certain locations may not be as crowded in December as they would be on warmer days.

On the other hand, people who choose to vacation in the tropics at the holidays, may fill the venues you'd like to book.

As with any wedding, be sure to start looking for that special venue early. 

I can speak from experience about the state of Florida and tell you that in December the central and northern Gulf Coast areas can be quite cool at that time of year.  The water temperature has also dropped by then. That means that the beaches themselves will be much less populated, if you want to stand on a beach and exchange vows.  However, when I lived in central Florida I thought that December was one of the best months to be outdoors.

Florida even has a place called Honeymoon Island, which accommodates weddings.

If you want hot, balmy weather which includes warm water swimming, better head farther south to the Florida Keys area, islands of the Caribbean, or take a cruise.

Incorporate Seashells and Starfish When Decorating

Use local plants and flowers to your advantage when decorating for a wedding in the tropics.  Mix driftwood and lights; combine starfish with shiny ornaments in a glass bowl.  Float candles in tall jars filled with seashells.

Here are some ideas for creating a memorable wedding and reception theme.

  • String Christmas lights and use seashell ornaments to decorate palm trees, or any foliage near the venue.
  • Scatter starfish and little holiday ornaments around the sand - in out of the way spots and
  • Float plumeria flowers in wide bowls as a pretty centerpiece.
  • Burn Tiki torches at outdoor events.
  • Christmas ribbon can be tied around vases of calla lilies, or orchids.

Tropical Venues For a Large or Small Wedding Party

Get your own little island, or gather with Mickey Mouse.

In a warm climate there are many options to choose from for your ceremony and reception venue, from extremely intimate and casual, to big and elegant.

From fairly cheap, to mucho dinero, here are a few ordinary and outrageous venues where you might consider getting married.

  • One of Florida's many beautiful state parks
  • Take an ocean cruise or a river / lake cruise
  • A hotel on the beach
  • Disney World
  • Rent a large home on the beach or anywhere you choose
  • Rent an island!  Yes, you can do this, all it takes is money!  View some Private Islands Online.


Table Number Cards and Seating Ideas

Wherever you plan to hold the wedding reception you will need to direct guests to their seats.

There are many ways to do this, and modern brides have come up with some very unique ideas to do so.

Many times escort cards will be placed near the entrance to the reception hall for guests to find. The table number will be printed on the card and they will find their table that way.

Sometimes seating charts will tell guests where to sit, but no matter how you do it, the tables will have to be marked with either numbers, or themed names.

Table number cards have templates on both sides. The number will be changed as many times as you need, for the amount of tables at the reception. Add each card, one at a time to your shopping cart.

Table Seating

Folded or tented place cards with name template.

Little Round Stickers to Personalize

Here are some ideas for using this affordable, yet useful product.

Round photo stickers with holiday decorations can be used as envelope seals for wedding invitations, or thank you cards, or use them in other ways.  Decorate them with a photo, and personalize with text.

Choose either the small 1.5 inch size or 3 inch size and add to favor tins or other gifts for guests to be presented at the reception.

These stickers have templates for uploading a photo of the couple and also a place for the wedding date.  They could be cut apart and inserted with the wedding invitation to be used as "save the date" stickers. 

Save the Date for a Holiday Wedding

Here is a First Hand Look at A Honeymoon Cruise

A honeymoon cruise can perfect mix of economy, adventure, relaxation and pampering, but is it right for us? Here are some things to consider before your embark.

Many Thanks To the Guests and Wedding Attendants

Choose a special thank you note card and customize it yourself.

Sending thank you cards after a wedding include remembering the members of the wedding party as well as acknowledging the thoughtful gifts given by the guests.

You may want to also thank the officiant, readers, cake baker, musicians, wedding planner, and any other people who helped make the day so special.

Because there are so many various people to thank, and so many ways each couple will want to do so, we make our thank you cards easy to personalize with a custom message. 

If you are planning to write your own personal note inside each card, the example text can also be deleted.

Folded Thank You Note Cards

Each card contains custom text and some have a space for adding a photo from the wedding.
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dustytoes on 06/08/2013

Yes, they are my designs. Thanks kinworm.

Marie on 06/08/2013

That sounds like a wonderful idea. The tropical holly designs are beautiful, are they your designs. Really nice.

dustytoes on 01/21/2013

It is such a great idea to match all stationery including the postage, if you choose. Thanks!

janices7 on 01/21/2013

Cute ideas - love the postage stamps!

dustytoes on 11/19/2012

Thank you Mira!

Mira on 11/18/2012

I love the We Do stamp :)

katiem2 on 11/09/2012

This is a great idea. If I ever get married this is the wedding for me, the tropical theme is just what I like. :)K

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