Global Warming Bake Sale

by evelynsaenz

Young children can help bake and sell cookies to raise money to help stop global warming. By being a part of the solution, children feel empowered to change the world.

Children hear about Global Warming and are justifiably concerned. It's a big problem but that doesn't mean that children can't be a part of the solution. Today we will be baking cookies using a solar oven.The solar oven uses energy from the sun rather than limited oil reserves. We chose a bake sale because everyone likes cookies and selling cookies raises funds needed to help protect our environment.

Why not hold a Global Warming Bake Sale?

Cookie Sales can help stop Global Warming

Global Warming Bake Sale Make your favorite cookie recipe and have a bake sale. The profits can be used to help promote solar energy, recycling and reducing waste. Young children love to bake and eat cookies and this project will help them feel like they are a part of the solution rather than just a part of the problem.

Many local groups in your community are working towards ways to use solar energy, recycle or reduce the impact we are having on the earth. By donating locally you will be helping to reduce global warming and showing the children where their money and efforts are going. Having a global warming bake sale is empowering to young children.

Photo Credit: Global Warming Bake Sale on Flickr, Creative Commons

Help Children understand Global Warming

Global Warming at a Child's Level

Global Warming at a Child's Level
Concepts for understanding global warming taught through fun, creative, hands-on learning projects and activities for classrooms and homeschoolers.

How can young children help to prevent Global Warming?

Baking and Selling Cookies to raise Money

Young children often hear of world problems and begin to worry. Often a way to dispel their fears is to enlist them in positive acts that can work towards a goal that will solve the problem. In this case we are looking at ways to help solve the problem of Global Warming.

Fund raisers are often a great way to help as you are able to send money to organizations of your choice. Choose a project or organization close to home. Look for projects such as businesses that are installing solar projects, creating recycling or second hand shops, or reducing waste in the first place.

Often small amounts of money made at Global Warming Bake Sales can raise just enough money to make a difference on the local level. Bake Sales are also projects that can be done by even very small children. When the children realize that the cookies that they baked were sold to provide money for projects close to their homes they feel empowered and can believe that it is indeed possible, as individuals, to make a difference and stop global warming.

Baking for the Global Warming Bake Sale

Lumberjack Cookies for the Global Warming Bake Sale
Baking Lumberjack Cookiies for the Global Warming Bake Sale
Baking Lumberjack Cookiies for the Gl...
Grandma's Graphics
Bake Sale Cookies
Bake Sale Cookies
Grandma's Graphics

Grandma Taught me to make Cookies

Grandma Taught me to care for the Earth

When I was little my grandma taught me many things including how to make cookies and to care for the earth. She was a young adult during the Great Depression and learned to reduce, reuse or do without. When we made cookies we always made them from scratch. The cookies that we loved the most were her Lumberjack Cookies with spicy ginger and thick, rich molasses.

My grandma often made these cookies for bake sales. She was know for her delicious desserts so her donations were often the first items to be sold out. As a young child I helped my grandmother make Lumberjack Cookies to be sold at bake sales. My grandmother made me feel that by my making the cookies myself I was contributing to the cause that the sale was helping.

When your children help to make these cookies and sell them at your Global Warming Bake Sale they too will feel that their efforts were important and empower them to feel that it is possible, even as individuals, to make a difference on a global scale.

Bake the Cookies in a Solar Oven

How to make a solar oven for baking Lumberjack Cookies

On a hot, sunny day it can be fun to create your own solar oven. Just line a cardboard box with aluminum foil and set it in the sun. By cooking your cookies in a solar overn, you are helping to prevent Global Warming. Sell the cookies and the profet can be used to to help stop Global Warming.

Cookies for the Global Warming Bake Sale

Bake Sale for Global Warming

Global Warming Cookie Recipe
This link will take you to my favorite cookie recipe. It is a recipe for Lumberjack Cookies made the way my Grandmother made from spicy ginger and rich molasses. Making the cookies from scratch means that you are making them from healthy ingredients that don't pollute the environment and they are so delicious that you will make lots of money to help prevent Global Warming at your Bake Sale.

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evelynsaenz on 08/25/2011

What a wonderful idea! The children at the summer camp where I work made solar ovens this summer from cardboard boxes and aluminum foil. I am sure they would work fine for baking Lumberjack Cookies.

Pastiche on 07/24/2011

Getting kids involved is so important. They get a good grasp of the issues and learn how to work toward a solution. Baking cookies and using the money to help fund a worthy cause is a wonderful idea. If anyone knows how to make daily life into a fun teachable moment it's you!

MugTreasuresByBrenda on 07/11/2011

A great idea to have children fund raise for a cause that is important to them.

Guest on 07/09/2011

Another great idea.

Michey on 07/01/2011

Hi! Great to raise money and use them for good a cause. About Global Warming, I have second thoughts.... way we don't call it global cold, or global icing... Did you have summer this year... I have only 2 says of summer so far...
Regards and thanks for a great post... I'll eat the cookies!

kimbesa on 06/19/2011

Cool idea...great for kids to learn baking. I'd love to make those Lumberjack cookies. Molasses is one of my favorites!

nightbear on 06/19/2011

What a great idea and as usual one of your excellent teaching tools. I think you could turn anything into a way to teach. Well done! Not to mention have fun and eating too. lol

PeggyHazelwood on 06/19/2011

This is a great idea to help out a cause you're passionate about!

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