Glow in the Dark Paints

by egdcltd

You can use glow in the dark paints to create your own custom glow in the dark creations.

Using glow in the dark paints allows you to create your own glow in the dark items. You can make them in a variety of colours, or make one item using several colours.

Squeezy glow in the dark paintGlow in the dark paints are phosphorescent paints that work by absorbing light and the emitting it again when the light source has been removed, which creates the glow. The paints are available in different colours depending on what phosphors and activators are used in them.

More Variety

By using glow in the dark paint it is possible to create more variety of items than can be found should you be purchasing existing items such as glow in the dark stickers. Many existing items may only be available in one colour; by making your own  you can use multiple colours on one object, or paint each individual creation in a separate colour. For example, if making real constellations out of home made glow in the dark stars, using different coloured paints you could have each star its' actual colour, rather than just green - in the constellation of Orion, Betelgeuse would be red and Rigel blue.

Spray or Brush?

Glow in the dark spray paintGlow in the dark paint is available both in spray cans and in paint pots. Which type to use will really depend on what you are using the paint to colour. Large areas will be easier to cover with a spray can, but if you want a variety of colours on one object, then paint pots will be more practical. By its very nature, wastage will more than likely be higher when using a spray can than using paints out of pots.

A third alternative is paint that comes in a squeezable bottle, which is applied like some glues are.

Make Sure the Material and Paint Work Together

Not every material will readily accept glow in the dark paints being applied to it. The instructions on the tin or can should say which types of materials the paint is appropriate to use on. Should the material not be suitable, a priming and/or sealing coat can be applied first.

Make Sure the Adhesive is Suitable

Glue dotsIf you are making glow in the dark items to be stuck to walls or ceilings, you will need some sort of adhesive to attach them. Adhesive pads or glue spots are a couple of easy ways of doing this, but ensure that your chosen adhesive will both attach to your finished glow in the dark item, and the surface to which it will be affixed. In addition, ensure your chosen adhesive can also be easily removed from the surface to which the glow in the dark item is going to be attached. At some point, it is likely that they will want to be removed, so you want to be able to do this without completely destroying the surface attached to.

The Paint can be Harder to Apply Evenly

If covering a large area with the glow paint, whether applying by paint brush or spray can, it can be harder getting an even finish to the paint. Try to avoid clots and lumps of paint by using even strokes with a paint brush or a steady and regular motion with a spray can.

Don't Make a Mess

If using glow in the dark paints to decorate an item, be careful you don't get it everywhere. This is especially true when using a spray can, which sprays droplets that have the potential to blow onto surfaces where they are not wanted. You don't want to end up with a room that looks like it has had an outbreak of glow in the dark spots.

For example, use newspapers to protect the surface and rest the object being painted on top of the newspaper. You could also do the painting outside, but on a windy day with a spray can this could be disastrously messy.

A simple paint boothA good idea, especially when spraying, is to use your own paint booth. This is quite easy to do; all you need is a cardboard box. Put some newspaper inside that can be disposed of when it becomes too messy, place your item on the newspaper in the box, and spray inside the box. The sides of the box should prevent the paint from escaping. The size of box used will depend on the size of the item being sprayed. By using newspapers to line the inside, these can easily be discarded and replaced when they become too messy.

Using Stencils

By using stencils with spray cans of glow in the dark paint you can create interesting effects by spraying through the stencil, allowing any shape you desire to be produced. This does only work on flat surfaces such as walls or furniture, so be absolutely sure you want the stencil before applying. Removing an unwanted sprayed stencil from a wall and repainting it is inconvenient.

You could use pre-made purchased stencil designs, or, if you are able to, you could make your own custom designs.

Pre-Made or Make Your Own?

Both pre-made and homemade glow in the dark items have advantages and disadvantages. With pre-made, the items are already made and come supplied with adhesive. You won't be risking getting glow in the dark paint where it isn't desired. The process is much less time consuming, and often cheaper.

Homemade allows greater flexibility in design, especially if you can make your own items to spray, and in colour. Glow in the dark paints are expensive, though, and it's unlikely they will all be used. There is also more chance of having an accident with the paints, and it will take longer to do.

Whether you use glow in the dark paints to create your own items, or use pre-made is a matter of personal preference.

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Rose on 11/27/2013

These would be great on vases and plant pots that are outside - it would give the garden a certain night time glow-in-the-dark effect.

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