GMC Syclone Air Compressor

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GMC Syclone air compressors are about the quietest compressors you can buy. Their ultra quiet operation makes them ideal home and garage compressors.

The GMC Syclone Air Compressor range are about the most "ultra quiet" compressors you can buy. If you are looking for a silent unit that you can use around the house, in your garage or even on site then this range of quiet air compressors is not going to be keeping anyone awake with its noise!

Many common models generate decibel levels in excess of 90 decibels, some much more requiring the use of ear protection especially in a confined room. The GMC Syclone air compressors generate as low as 56dB which is less than the noise of a conversation.

This article will take you through the full range of GMC Syclone compressors and will review each one.

GMC Syclone Silent Air compressors

The quietest range of air compressors on the market

This range of silent air compressors are perfect for the DIYer who wants to be able to use a compressor without upsetting the neighbors or other occupants of the home no matter what time of day or night you want to use them. You could even use these compressors in an apartment building without upsetting the other residents.

The sound output of these compressors ranges from as little as 56dB for the small 1/2HP model up to 70dB for the more powerful 2HP model. With outputs that range from 1.1CFM at 90PSI to 5.3CFM for the largest model.

Click on the decibel chart to the right if you want to be able to compare the noise levels of these air compressors; the scale is not linear, 70dB is twice as loud as 60dB and 90dB would be 8 times as loud as 60dB. Decibel levels are important if you wish to preserve your hearing.

Decibel Levels

Decibel Levels
Decibel Levels

GMC Syclone Air Compressor

GMC Syclone Air Compressor
GMC Syclone Air Compressor

GMC Syclone Reviews

What are others saying about these air compressors?

Whilst researching these models I have looked around the web at various reviews for these models. On the whole I have been impressed with the reviews that I have read with very few minor problems reported and everyone singing the praises of these ultra-silent compressors.

If you would like any further information about air compressors in general or want to look at some of the various forums about air compressors than the following links will help you;

Choosing the right GMC Syclone model

Which GMC compressor is right for you?

The range of GMC Syclone air compressors consists of a number of different tank shapes and sizes, various HP ratings, tank types, and different outputs so which one is right for you?

Well this will depend on your needs, do you need a portable air compressor that you can carry around easily? Do you want to just inflate tires and other inflatables? Do you want to power a nail gun or more powerful air tools?

If all you want to use your unit for is inflation, cleaning and some light duty nailing or stapling then any of the smaller models will fill this role.

If however you want to use more powerful nailers and inflate tires on your truck quickly then you may want to step up to the mid range compressors that supply 2.35CFM at 90PSI. CFM is cubic feet per minute and is a measure of how much air the compressor can supply. Each air tool has a requirement for the volume of air it requires. 2.35CFM will power all but the biggest framing nailers.

If you want to really go for some output then the largest of the range provides enough power to even power impact wrenches and ratchets for use in repairing your car and other assembly work or in powering multiple nailers.

GMC Syclone 1650A Air Compressor

The smallest GMC air compressor

This is the smallest of the GMC syclone air compressors although it shares its tank and fittings with a few other models, the main difference is the size of the motor which is just 1/2HP. The smaller motor will mean that the 1.6gallon tank will take longer to fill with air (90 seconds) but it also means less noise at only 56dB and less drain on your circuits (pulls only 4.5amps)

The small oil free long life motor also means that this model with its lightweight Aluminum tank weighs a mere 31lbs, light enough for anyone to carry it up a flight of steps to use in upstairs rooms.

This model will provide [email protected] and [email protected] which is enough to run any small nail gun or stapler with ease. The small tank size however will mean that it is unsuitable if you want to fire many hundreds of nails as it will keep pausing to refill the tank, but it is certainly suitable for occasional home use and a small air compressor that I am happy to recommend.

GMC Syclone 1650A

Syclone Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Air Compressor Horse Power: 1/2 HP

Syclone 1650A Horse Power: 1/2 HP Specifications: -Overall Dimensions: 17in H x 14in D x 14in W . -Weight: 35 lbs. -Air filter included. -1 year limited warranty. -Thermal overl...

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GMC Syclone noise levels

GMC Syclone 1675A

GMC Syclone 1675A Ulttra Quiet & Oil-Free Air Compressor

The GMC Syclone 1675A Ultra Quiet Air Compressor is designed to be one of the quietest air compressors in the industry having only 58 decibels of sound. This air compressor make...

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GMC Syclone 1675A Air Compressor

The GMC Syclone 1675A is a step up from the 1650A having a 3/4HP motor to provide additional power and air volume to the 1.6gallon aluminum tank.

This motor will draw 5.5amps from your circuits and will up the weight slightly to 34lbs but increases the air volume to [email protected] and [email protected] which is very good output from such a small lightweight compressor.

The most amazing factor is that the air compressor only reaches 58dB meaning that you could use it in your house or even an apartment without disturbing your neighbors at any time.

GMC Syclone 1610A Air Compressor

This is the most powerful of the single hotdog style air compressors by GMC with a 1HP motor to provide additional volumes of air for more demanding applications. This air compressor is more than adequate for most household applications and will power all but the largest nail guns.

The oil free 1 HP long life motor will give this unit an output of [email protected] and [email protected] running at only 60dB which is very quiet for an air compressor. It takes 60 seconds to fill the tank so this would still not be a good compressor for someone who wants constant use. This Motor draws just 7.6amps but could draw almost double that when started so beware of tripping switches although I have not heard any reports for this model unlike some other brands.

This model weighs only 35lbs still so is a very portable air compressor.

GMC Syclone 1610A

GMC Syclone 1610A Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Air Compressor

SYCLONE 1610A Features: -Ultra Quiet only 60 Decibels.-Oil-Free Pump for Less Maintenance.-1.6 Gallon Rust Free Aluminum Tank.-Lightweight for easy transporting - 35 lbs.-3.80 C...

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GMC Syclone 3010

GMC Syclone 3010 Ultra Quiet & Oil-free Air Compressor

The GMC Syclone 3010 Ultra Quiet air compressor is designed to be one of the quietest air compressors in the industry having only 60 decibels of sound. This air compressor make ...

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GMC Syclone 3010 Air Compressor

This pancake style air compressor has a steel 3 gallon tank which will provide a longer use than the smaller 1.6gallon tanks above. It utilities the same motor and pump as the 1610A above so makes just 60dB noise in operation and can supply [email protected] and [email protected]

Because of the steel tank this model is heavier (50lbs) but makes up for it with the added capacity.

GMC Syclone Video

GMC Syclone 6310 Air Compressor

This GMC Syclone comes with a larger 6.3 gallon steel tank which will mean much longer running times for your tools before the requirement for your compressor to switch on to refill your tank.

This model is far more use for those doing larger projects around the house and for use as a garage air compressor. The added tank capacity and weight is overcome by the wheels to make the compressor more maneuverable although it still only weighs 49lbs, about the same as the pancake air compressor above.

The GMC 6310 uses the same 1HP oil free long life motor as the models above and provides the same [email protected] and [email protected] but can do so for longer periods with the larger tank.

GMC Syclone 6310

GMC SYCLONE 6310 Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Air Compressor

SYCLONE 6310 Features: -Ultra Quiet only 60 Decibels.-6.3 Gallon Steel Tank.-3.80 CFM @ 40 PSI - 2.35 CFM @ 90 PSI.-Oil-Free Pump.-Pressure Control Meter & Universal Quick Conne...

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GMC Syclone 4610 Air Compressor

The GMC Syclone 4610 air compressor utilizes the same powerful oil free 1HP motor that the models above use to fill its 4.6 gallon twin hotdog steel tanks. This motor is rated for 3000 hours use and is small enough to be used on your home circuits without a problem.

weighing 55 lbs this model is still portable enough for most able bodied people but if too heavy you should consider the 4610A model below with aluminum tanks rather than steel.

The 4610 provides the same [email protected] and [email protected] that the models above produce and at only 60dB. The tank size of 4.6 gallons means that this model is more suited for more intensive use than the smaller 1.6 gallon models.

GMC Syclone 4610

GMC Syclone 4610A Ultra Quiet Air Compressor

The GMC Syclone 4610A Ultra Quiet Air Compressor is designed to be one of the quietest air compressors in the industry having only 60 decibels of sound. This air compressor make...

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GMC Ultra quiet Compressor

GMC Syclone 4610A Air Compressor

Just in case you were wondering what the difference is between the GMC syclone 4610 and the GMC Syclone 4610A the "A" in the part number indicates that the tanks are made from aluminum and not steel.

The GMC Syclone 4610A has the same performance specifications as its steel cousin above but weighs less at only 48lbs

GMC Syclone 4610A

GMC Syclone 4610A Ultra Quiet Air Compressor

The GMC Syclone 4610A Ultra Quiet Air Compressor is designed to be one of the quietest air compressors in the industry having only 60 decibels of sound. This air compressor make...

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GMC Syclone 4620A Air Compressor

The largest GMC Syclone Air Compressor

This is the largest of the GMC Syclone range with its 2HP motor. Drawing 14amps whilst running I would suggest the use of its own dedicated circuit as it will pull a higher amperage when starting up and could be prone to throwing trips.

This model uses the same twin 4.6gallon aluminum tanks as the 4610A model but with the power of its larger motor can provide an impressive [email protected] and [email protected] which is truly impressive for this size of air compressor. This air compressor is perfect for any nailing job and could even power some tools for garage and assembly work such as ratchets and impact drivers, although don't expect them to work for long periods of time due to the size of the tanks. However this air compressor produces only 70dB of sound which is amazing when compared to the output of this air compressor.

GMC Syclone 4620A

GMC SYCLONE 4620A Ultra Quiet & Oil Free Air Compressor

SYCLONE 4620A Features: -Ultra Quiet only 70 Decibels.-Oil-Free Pump for Less Maintenance.-4.6 Gallon Rust Free Aluminum Tank.-Lightweight for easy transporting - 64 lbs.-7.00 C...

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GMC Silent Compressor

GMC Syclone Compressor Range

Whilst these compressors may not be the prettiest on the market they certainly appear to be about the quietest range that you could buy!

If you have any questions or would like to make a comment about a GMC Syclone air compressor please leave it below.

Updated: 09/03/2012, TME
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