Go Ahead I Dare Ya-Eat More Fat

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People new to a primal way of eating sometimes have a hard time letting go of what we`ve been told for years. Eat low fat everything. A couple ways to include more healthy fat here


Eat Fat?

Alot of times the people who are new to a primal way of eating find it difficult to incorporate more fat into their diets. We`ve been told for many years now, low fat this, low fat that. It has gotten so people are afraid to enjoy an avocado or a handful of nuts because they worry about the fat. Nevermind that the fat that is in the above foods is heart healthy, brain healthy, and good for your skin!

When you ditch grains and sugar you need to eat more healthy fat to stay satiated. It also helps to keep the crankiness away and helps to keep carb cravings you may be having away. It also helps with any feelings of deprivation. For me, it was my favorite part about going primal! Try to buy grassfed and organic if you can, you get more nutrients and less toxins. If you can`t, don`t stress. Part of the primal lifestyle is not stressing. Let`s dig into some ideas!

Prep Your Foods Generously With Fat

In my house coconut oil has replaced olive oil for cooking, and butter is used to fry my eggs in. Everything I grew up with has returned; in moderation of course. I sometimes save the bacon grease, yes, I said bacon grease, and use that to saute stir frys or something that I think would taste good with a bacon flavor. Maybe a warm spinach salad or something of the like. Rubbing whole chickens with butter or some other fat source, (like duck fat) helps to make the skin nice and crispy.

Eat Dark Organ Meats And Fat

Ditch the skinless and boneless meats you`ve probably been paying a pretty penny for and enjoy skin on birds, thighs, and fatty roasts.

Fat Fish

Wild caught, fatty fish is an excellent source of omega 3`s. The smaller fish like herring, sardines, and anchovies make great snacks or add ins for a primal salad. Salmon, trout and mackeral are good for this too, but they also make great main courses. 


Add Eggs

Don`t you dare toss that yolk! It`s where the fat and the majority of the nutrients are. Besides eating them for breakfast, hard boil them for snacks or to chop up and add in your salad. In my book, bacon is good with everything but I especially love bacon wrapped scallops. One or two days a week I make bacon for breakfast to go with my eggs and sauerkraut. And of course, bacon bits in a salad are oh so yummy.

Non-Animal Fats

Guacamole. Need I say more? Avocadoes are a great source of healthy fats and they`re so good for your skin. Avocadoes go well with shrimp or crab in endive lettuce as well as adding a creamy texture to a salad. You can also use them in vegan chocolate pudding. Sounds gross, I know. But it`s good! Use coconut and palm oil in your recipes, and eat nuts, seeds, olives, and coconut meat.

If You Eat Dairy-Go Full Fat

If you`ve been untolerant to non- fat milk you just may be able to handle whole milk. No promises, but it has been known to happen. Pastured butter is the only type of butter I buy. It`s healthier and it`s really good over brussel sprouts or green beans. Or melted over an acorn or spaghetti squash. Someone told me to try some melted over nuts. I haven`t done so yet, but it is on my list of to try`s. Greek yogurt is better for you than milk based yogurt; it`s higher in protein for one thing. Try some with some fruit. How about a good cheese and some wine? Raw cheese is best, but in my book cheese is a food staple. I am from Wisconsin after all. Whole fat, heavy cream. I use it in my coffee and I make homemade whipping cream to go over fruit, as well as using it in a sauce over fish or chicken.

A Last Dash Of Fat

Nothing beats a really good olive oil tossed in a salad or some fresh spinach. Avocado oil and sea salt on top of tomatoes can`t be beat. Macadamia oil adds a nice flavor to foods. Experiment and find your favorites.


I am not a doctor, or a nurse, or a nutritionist, and of course you need to exercise common sense and not swim in fat. However, one of the Primal Lifestyle`s fundamentals is to not worry about fat like we have been conditioned to do. Also, if you`re consuming a high carbohydrate and processed diet, you can`t be as free with the fats as someone who is more low carb. I`ve been eating primally for almost a year and I feel really good.

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Updated: 12/12/2011, freelance
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Jimmie on 12/20/2011

I totally agree with you and this way of eating! I absolutely reuse my bacon drippings. They make fantastic stir fried veggies! I try my best to stay clear of anything man-made or extruded from a machine.

Patty on 12/19/2011

I know Clara...isn`t it "funny"?

Clara on 12/17/2011

The funny thing is that I was unbelievably skinny as a child and my mother regularly fed us red meat fried in lard. Now that I'm eating politically correct vegetable oils, I'm at my highest weight ever.

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