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The Google shortener website is very simple to use and has limited statistical data available for each shortened URL and for your portfolio of shortened URLs. is the home page for the Google URL shortener service.
It is one of many URL shortening services, but does not stand out from the crowd other than it is run by Google. It may be that using this service gains an advantage over other services just because it is by Google.
Shortening long URLs is now commonplace. It allows entry of minimal characters for a URL into an e-mail, social media message or just to cloak an affiliate link. They have, however, been misused somewhat by those that want to cloak a malicious redirect - thus bringing these services into some disrepute, even though the ToS ban this type of use.

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Google URL shortener site information

Google URL shortener service website is ranked ~#850 worldwide with Alexa Traffic Rank. It has over 175k sites linking to it. It also ranks highly in Sudan, Kuwait, Taiwan, Egypt and India. is most popular in India whence 14% of site visitors emanate. 

Young single men seem to be the most prevalent visitors.

Most visitors search for the site by just typing 'goo' into search engine search boxes.

Google URL Shortening Service

As would be expected, the Google URL shortening service is straightforward. It can be used without registering or logging in, just to shorten a URL. But by registering and logging in you gain access to data that helps understand how shortened URLs are performing.

You should be aware that, by using this service, all shortened URLs, and that data associated with them, is publicly available.

Data courtesy of Alexa 2012/03/28

Shorten A URL Using

To shorten any URL, just type or paste the long URL into the appropriate box. As stated above, this can be done whether you are not you are registered or signed in. The following entry facility will be available to you:

Google URL Shortener

Google URL shortener
Google URL shortener

Shortened URL from

Once you have clicked 'Shorten URL', you are presented with the shortened URL, to the right of the entry box, as shown to the right:

Google Shortened URL

Google shortened URL
Google shortened URL

Shortened URL Page Preview

The shortened URL can be copied and pasted into a spreadsheet, or direct to the e-mail or social media message you are creating.

The long URL is presented as well as the short URL.

A page view for the shortened URL is presented below this, as seen to the right:

Short URL Click Through Data

If you have registered and signed in you will be able to see data for each of the URLs you have shortened. This data details the clicks gained by each of the shortened URLs, and can be categorized by clicks in the past: two hours, day, week, month, and all time, as below: Click Through Stats click through stats click through stats Stats Per Shortened URL

You can get further details about individual shortened URLs by pressing the 'details' link, set against each URL, as below:

Shortened URL Stats Details stats details stats details

URL Statistics Details

Like all data from Google, the statistics for shortened URLs include:

  • Traffic sources
  • Referrers
  • Visitor profiles:
    1. Countries
    2. Browsers
    3. Platforms

QRcode Generated also generates a QRcode for the shortened URL, as at right:

You can also link to the statistics page for the shortened URL by adding a '+' sign to the shortened URL, thus:

Google Shortener: Conclusion

The goo,gl Google shortener is extremely easy to use, and has limited statistics available, which does not make it stand out in a crowd of URL shortening services.

Updated: 02/05/2021, humagaia
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humagaia on 04/12/2012

G_S I don't know whether it is just wishful thinking but I think I have found that Google does hit all of the content that I produce a short URL for. As I create many short URL's immediately after publishing any content, this does mean that it is crawled almost immediately. And I am not just talking about site pages from Wizzley, which seem to get spidered pretty quickly anyway. This seems to work for any new websites I create.

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