Grain Free Dog Food

by yinyang

Grain free dog food is becoming more popular with dog owners as people become more interested in raising a dog with good health.

Grain free dog food is becoming more popular with dog owners as people become more interested in raising a dog with good health.  There are several reasons for choosing a grain free diet over grain-based foods.  It’s important to always read the back of the dog food bag to make sure that you are feeding your dog a healthy diet of food that they can digest properly.

Why Remove Grains from Dog Food?

Dogs can often suffer from food allergies associated with grains in their diet.  Rice and corn are often grains that can cause allergy problems in dogs.  Grain free dog food is especially good for dogs that have gastrointestinal problems or skin & coat issues.  A grain free diet can typically help the dog avoid these conditions.

Carbohydrates & Dog Food

A common misconception with grain free dog food is that people believe that it contains no carbohydrates.  This is not necessarily true.  The grain free dry dog foods currently on the market are much lower in carbohydrates, but definitely have carbs.

The difference is that typical dog food contains carbohydrates from wheat, corn, rice, and oats while a grain free dog food typically uses vegetables such as potatoes, sweet pees, or sweet potatoes.

Dog Weight Loss

The high protein and low carbohydrate grain free foods are good for weight loss.   Just like humans, consuming a lower about of carbohydrates typically translates into less weight gained. It is also a great way of reducing the risk of diabetes.  Keep in mind that there are typically more calories per cup of grain free food.  So, you are going to want to make sure that you feed your dog less food.  Also, don't forget to get grain free dog treats too!

Dog Skin Problems

Grain free dog food typically has a higher protein and fat content so, your dog will have a very soft and shiny coat.  It’s a great choice for those who are looking to improve the health of your dog’s coat.  It's also a good way of improving the skin condition of a dog that is having skin problems.

Grain Free Food for Puppies

Grain free foods are great for all dogs in all life stages.  You do want to make sure that you purchase a dog food that contains all of the necessary nutrients that your puppy will need during those crucial months of development.  The back of the bag will typically indicate whether or not the dog food is appropriate for growing puppies.

Grain Free Dog Food For Puppies

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If you love your dog, then you are going to want to feed them the appropriate foods to keep them healthy.  You should try to stay away from grains or at least minimize them in your dog’s diet.  These foods typically cost more money per pound, but keep in mind that you will be feeding your dog less food for the same amount of calories.

Updated: 04/13/2012, yinyang
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